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Toy Poodle- Should I get one?

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Raracara Tue 21-Mar-17 19:26:36

We have a Parsons Russell Terrier, Piper, an Otterhound, Bo and a Patterdale Terrier, Jackson. I'm considering getting a Toy Poodle.
It would be a bitch to even out the balance. They're meant to be very sparky and get up and go! Would you get one with four children?
Any bad experiences? Any good experiences? Any pictures?

MadHattersWineParty Tue 21-Mar-17 19:37:10

I have two and they are beautiful, funny and affectionate. To the point of being a bit clingyat times - the little girl will cry for me if I leave the room and will also cry with joy when I've been out and come home! She also takes socks and puts them in a sort of best to pretend they are 'babies'. (She's been 'done' so it's just a quirk I guess!) she sometimes wakes me up in the night so can admire the sock babies she had gathered up grin

Boy is a little more independent and very protective of us. He will bark at a stick if he thinks it looks threatening....

Anyway, I wouldn't be without them for the world but they are definitely like having a pair of toddlers at times. They are five but still want to be involved in absolutely everything you do, follow you everywhere even to the toilet they have their mad moments too where they will wrestle and race around.

Don't have children but they often attract the attention of little ones on our walks and are very good at being admired and petted!

I'll dig out some pictures in a minute!

MadHattersWineParty Tue 21-Mar-17 19:43:27

Pics. The first one is how I wake up most mornings grin

FruminariaBandersnatchiosum Tue 21-Mar-17 19:48:57

Very intelligent and long lived.

Raracara Thu 23-Mar-17 12:18:59

Gorgeous @MadHattersWineParty!!
What a beautiful set of dogs. Glad that the bitch is a bit more intelligent because ours will fit in with our terrier lot. Anybody got anymore advice??

1nsanityscatching Fri 24-Mar-17 19:19:58

We have a poodle cross but he is pure poodle temperament. He is too clever for his own good, he needs interaction and challenges because if he's bored he makes his own amusement which is generally annoying.
He will walk for as long as you will walk him and still be ready when his next walk is due and his in built clock is nearly as accurate as the one on the wall so there isn't much leeway.
He thinks he can speak so the whole day I get a running commentary of whines, snorts, yips and sneezing and if I don't respond he persists louder and louder until I do.
He is a performer and picks up words and tricks in no time and is as stubborn as a mule so if he doesn't consider the price is right he will refuse to do something he has done a million times before.
He is incredibly protective of us and out and about herds us to keep us all within his vicinity and in the house he is a proper watchdog ensuring that no one sets foot on the path without him letting us know.
He is a real character and a huge personality and he attracts a lot of attention out and about as everyone wants to fuss him and he has plenty of "favourites" who keep a biscuit on them for when they see him.
MadHatter your dogs are beautiful, I wanted a pure poodle but dh thought they looked too "girly" so Eric is our compromise. I long for a poodle though.

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