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Hand hold please.

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Tootyfilou Fri 17-Mar-17 02:40:13

I would appreciate beyond words some support. My darling 2yr old Golden retriever in the vets tonight with ? pancreatitis. He has had some D&V since yesterday so I made him an appointment to see the vet at 5.00pm yesterday. However when I came home (he had been with my son and husband) he appeared much perkier so after speaking to the vet we decided not to take him...I regret this so much now.
By 10pm he had deteriorated,vomiting and more diarrhoea, took him to the vet and they are querying Pancreatitis.

We lost our dog very suddenly 3 years ago and I am now terrified it will happen again. I am literally shaking. It was so awful leaving him there.
our other dog looks so upset, and to me it seems like history repeating
itself, even though he died of something completely different.
he is such a gorgeous boy, please if you have any positive stories let me know. I am sorry if this post is a bit garbled as I can barely string my thoughts together.

RosieMapleLeaf Fri 17-Mar-17 02:56:15

Hello OP! I'm sorry to hear about your dog and I can tell that you are very worried.

I don't have any experience of canine pancreatitis but I have just googled it! From what I read it appears to be treatable so likely your dog will be home in a day or two.

I know you're missing him and very worried but he is exactly where he needs to be right now, they will be able to treat his pain and help control the inflammation.

It's a long wait until the morning when you can get an's my hand to hold.

KoalaDownUnder Fri 17-Mar-17 03:33:54

Oh, I'm so sorry. How bloody awful. I had a dream last night that I lost my dog, it was horrible. They really get into our hearts, don't they? 💗

Let us know when you have an update. flowers

Tootyfilou Fri 17-Mar-17 03:43:44

Thank you so much...I hope I am just being incredibly pessimistic.
Losing Indie was so traumatic...not just the death of a young and apparently healthy dog, but the days leading up to his death. He was in a vet hospital and they handled his care very badly, it made a horrible situation a million times worse and I still have many feelings of anger and guilt.
Our poor older dog looks so bereft.The reason for getting Brodie was that he was so traumatised after Indies death we thought another dog might help. Luckily it did and they have bonded so well. Noah adores him! The look on his face when we returned from the vets this evening was pitiful to see. Thank you for replying to my post, I realise this must all sound like the ramblings of a mad woman but it really helps.
The vet is going to ring back in an hour with his blood results.
So cross your fingers for my little Brodie Bean.

KoalaDownUnder Fri 17-Mar-17 15:25:13

Any news from the vet? brew

LaGattaNera Fri 17-Mar-17 18:17:48

You don't sound mad at all, just understandably distraught by such an awful shock, especially after losing Indie. Sending lots of love to you and Brodie and hugs for Noah and will be looking out for an update and hoping your boy will soon be well, we all understand xx

RosieMapleLeaf Fri 17-Mar-17 21:30:43

Is there any news OP?

honeyroar Fri 17-Mar-17 22:45:36

Thinking of you, hope they're improving a bit.

witwootoodleoo Fri 17-Mar-17 22:49:30

Thinking of you flowers

plominoagain Sat 18-Mar-17 00:01:01

Oh goodness you must be distraught . Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts from here too x

Tootyfilou Sun 19-Mar-17 23:22:40

Hi All, thank you for your lovely posts and huge apologies for not replying, another (human) family crisis has kept me away until now. The good news is that he is on the mend. The bloods proved negative for pancreatitis and our vet thinks it is/was some sort of bacterial infection. He spent 24hrs on a drip but came home Saturday lunchtime. He is still not 100% but no further D&V. Our vet was marvellous and I am just so happy that it is nothing serious. Thank you so much for supporting me it really helped so much.

AnUtterIdiot Mon 20-Mar-17 02:29:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KoalaDownUnder Mon 20-Mar-17 02:29:55

Oh, so glad to hear that! smilewine! Wonderful news for you and your lovely dog. Thanks for updating.

LaGattaNera Mon 20-Mar-17 06:48:34


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