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Withdrawn guide dogs

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GinAndOnIt Wed 15-Mar-17 14:03:30

Does anyone have any experience with rehoming a withdrawn guide dog?

We are considering it - we are wanting the type of breed they typically have (lab x GR etc) so it seems a good fit. We were planning on getting a puppy originally, because DP had a terrible experience a long time ago with a rescue dog who was extremely aggressive. He can hardly bear to consider rescuing since then, which is such a shame, but I understand.

When I mentioned guide dog rehoming, he was quite keen when I suggested that we would at least know their full background and know they will have been well trained (or at least be very aware of their bad behaviours) before we take them home.

I'm just wondering if anybody has done this themselves? I can cope with undesired behaviour issues (although not biting habits) but I do worry about the dogs with health issues. I guess any dog we own could potentially develop health issues, though.

nemno Wed 15-Mar-17 14:14:45

We've had 2. Fabulous dogs. The first was identified early on (1yo) with potential hip problems and thus retired before serious training so was not brilliantly obedient from the off. He was very forceful and bold, apparently would have made a great guide dog but for his hips. He was a devoted one woman dog (mine smile ). He didn't live to old age and his hips never caused any problem.

The second was a bit older (2) and withdrawn for nervous temperament. He was immaculately behaved and totally blossomed with us, lost his nerves and was a fantastic family pet.

nemno Wed 15-Mar-17 14:17:12

Oh and having dogs already trained to toilet on command was brilliantly useful. I trained all my later dogs to do this too.

GinAndOnIt Wed 15-Mar-17 14:49:48

Toileting on command! I hadn't even thought of that but of course they would have to be trained to do that.

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