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Dog goes crazy when she sees cats or hours past a guard dog's house

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FishChipsAndBeans Wed 15-Mar-17 08:53:43

My dog usually walks beautifully on the lead - we put a lot of work into loose lead training and she knows the heel command. She has a great recall and is generally really good on walks, except for when she sees a cat; then it all goes wrong!

She's never met a cat up close and she's obsessed with them. It's awful - she suddenly lunges and squeals so loudly it sounds like she's being kicked or something. People look at us in horror. No amount of heel command will distract her from the cat.

The same thing happens when we walk past a neighbour's house who have a guard dog behind a high fence. The guard dog runs along the perimeter of the fence barking whenever a dog and its owner walk by. My dog does the same excitable loud squealing thing, lunges to get to the fence, and again I can't get her attention at all. Unfortunately I can't avoid walking past this house with the guard dog as there is no other walkable route.

I may be making the situation worse as I tense up now in anticipation and just try to get her past the guard dog house or a cat as fast as possible.

All her training has been positive reinforcement training. Is there anything I can do to train her not to go so crazy at cats and this barking guard dog? I've seen other dog owners walk past the guard dog house and some dogs just calmly ignore it, whereas others go as crazy as my dog does. I want my dog to be one of the calm ones! I'm terrified that she's pulling and lunging so much that I'm going to lose control and she'll suddenly lunge into the road.

FishChipsAndBeans Wed 15-Mar-17 08:54:44

Title of thread should say 'goes' rather than 'hours'!

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