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Is there a vet in the house? Rabies question

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OrlandaFuriosa Mon 13-Mar-17 18:06:07

Ok, here goes.

DS got scratched deeply by a mongoose in Bali over the weekend. Although the zoo and the hotel nurse said there was no danger of rabies (quite a few dogs have it despite campaigns) he got one jab against it on Friday, flew back and has the second jab tomorrow. I understand he was told not to snog anyone: presumably the vaccine is live.

However, sigh, in the ecstatic greetings between him and DDog, faces got licked and he is pretty sure DDog licked his lips. Ddog has of course since licked me. Though not on the lips.

Does DDog need a rabies jab now? Do I ? How soon..

Grateful for urgent advice...


OrlandaFuriosa Mon 13-Mar-17 19:06:05

Ps , the jab documentation says the vaccine was inactivated, so I'm assuming it should be ok. But am I over sanguine?

Tamberlane Thu 16-Mar-17 06:18:09

No danger, rabies is only transferrable at the later stages when its active.
Your ds will not be shedding rabies now even if he was infected at this stage and thanks to your decision to be safe he will be fine!
Glad you got the jabs though! Very irresponsible of the hotel and zoo nurse to advise against it!Even if it is highly unusual and unlikley given the settings, rabies is always fatal to humans if not treated within a set timeframe with those jabs!much better to be safe rather then sorry!

OrlandaFuriosa Thu 16-Mar-17 22:39:34

Thanks, Tamberlane. It all got a bit complex because in theory Bali is out of rabies who knows what he got? I suspect undeclared vaccine kept aside for rich and worried tourists..

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