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Greyhound teeth

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AnUtterIdiot Sun 12-Mar-17 19:01:31

Hello everyone. Dog had his teeth cleaned a couple of weeks ago. He has mild gingivitis. I am a bit confused about what to do.

1. He doesn't like fingers in his mouth, which obviously is not uncommon. I've got gel stuff that should be rubbed onto his gums, but I've been following advice from the vet to work towards gaining his acceptance of fingers in the mouth by gently touching his gums with my finger whilst telling him what a good boy he is, treats etc and retreating as soon as he resists. This is not working. I am incredibly gentle but he starts resisting as soon as I lift his lip. At what point do I give up and start just forcing his mouth open and rubbing the gel on? I am incredibly soft and really don't want to do this, but I also don't want him to end up having lots of teeth out.

2. Do I brush his teeth with the delicious "beef flavoured" (NO BEEF SMELLS LIKE THIS TOOTHPASTE) toothpaste and finger brush that I have AND apply the gel? Or do I do one but not the other?

Any advice would be very helpful - I really want to deal with his teeth properly and I've not previously owned a dog with dodgy teeth so this is all a bit new to me.

toboldlygo Sun 12-Mar-17 19:28:14

What's the gel called? If it's one of the chlorhexidine ones they taste bloody awful which may explain some of the resistance.

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