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House full

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fourpawswhite Sat 11-Mar-17 12:57:28

So we have a house full this weekend. I have dh dog, age twelve, snoozing by the fire. Then I have my dog, age two, running circles round the kitchen. Then I have my dogs mummy and a four month puppy from her last litter here for the weekend. We have become good friends with the breeder and she is off winning at crufts so these two came here. I was expecting carnage but I have been pleasantly surprised. Everyone is getting on really well. Also feeling slightly smug that of all the people that she could have asked, she asked me. Lovely respected breeder and knowledgeable lady.

I'm struggling with each depression just now and I have to say I felt loved when I woke from a nap yesterday to find four of them squished on top of me all snuggled in.

What doggie moments are making you smile today?

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Sat 11-Mar-17 13:03:15

Sounds like doggy love should be available on the NHS!!
Our 3 (mainly naughty husky) have been eyeing up my rhubarb through the apparently dog proof fence (wasn't fecking dog proof last year when husky dug it all up and ate most of it!) so no heart warming moments as yet here!!

CornflakeHomunculus Sat 11-Mar-17 13:07:28

Sounds like doggy love should be available on the NHS!!

I often say that to DH grin

I'm currently on my way home from Crufts with a suitcase stuffed with toys and goodies for my four. I can't wait to see them again I've missed them more than DH grin

fourpawswhite Sat 11-Mar-17 13:12:27

It absolutely should wish. Not sure how I would have kept going without my dog these last few months.

Oohhh, cornflakes, tell me more. What was it like? What did you buy? Best and worst bits?

CornflakeHomunculus Sat 11-Mar-17 13:19:07

It was amazing but exhausting!!

I was there all day Thursday and all day yesterday. Watching agility and flyball live in the arena was fabulous, as was chatting to breed reps in the Discover Dogs area. I'm very glad I did Wednesday and Thursday as it was already heaving by the NEC as I left this morning.

I've mostly bought (rather a lot of) toys which will hopefully survive my lot. I did also get them some fish skins and a big tub of sweet potato chips.

CornflakeHomunculus Sat 11-Mar-17 13:20:50

Oh, I also got myself some books as well. There was an amazing stand that was just books and DVDs, I could have spent my whole budget there!!

fourpawswhite Sat 11-Mar-17 14:05:52

That sounds brilliant. My friend is on the discover dogs stand with her jack Russell's. I would love to go. Maybe next year.

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