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Sore toes?

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Lovecat Fri 10-Mar-17 07:15:37

I've got a 7 month old Cavalier KCS who hasn't got the memo that he's meant to be a lapdog and is an utter crazer, running around in mad circles whenever he's off the leash, especially if he finds a friend to play with. Yesterday at doggy daycare (he goes 2 afternoons a week for 3 hours while I'm working), he was running in the exercise area with some other dogs, turned too quickly and 'went over' (according to the lady who runs the place. He began to favour one paw (although he was still trying to run wuth his mates). She checked him out and couldn't find anything obviously wrong, but 2 of his toes are very sore to even the slightest touch. She said she thinks it's a sprain or bruise and just to rest him. He's absolutely fine in himself, no loss of appetite or energy, but I was wondering how long of a rest do I give him before I take him to the vet? He's crate trained and so I'm not that worried about keeping him rested, but I've never experienced this before and wondered if it was common and how long if at all I should wait before I take him to the vet. First time puppy owner so very paranoid! (Apologies for lack of paragraphs, I'm on the Android app and it won't let me put them in... smile

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