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Smell of the dogs business is everywhere!

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lananzack Thu 09-Mar-17 16:14:43

Mum has 2 adult/on the older side dogs she rescued from the shelters. They have evidently never been toilet trained and so shat and pissed everywhere and anywhere in my mums house, easily 10x a day. She is now getting a bit of control over the shituation (grin) and they seem to be taking it on board they must go outside... The problem now is, as they did it so frequently on the carpets and up the walls (?!) that her house is now embedded with the lingering odour of it. I mean, really embedded, the smell is just in the air in her house constantly no matter how much she air freshens and cleans. Other than knocking the house down and starting from scratch, what can she do to efficiently eliminate the odour and get it feeling like a fresh clean house again? Zoflora mops aren't touching it I'm afraid.

LaGattaNera Thu 09-Mar-17 16:38:27

Carpets would need to go the smell will have sunk in to them and even cleaning won't eradicate it because the wee & poo will have dried into it and particularly the underside. As you say the smell is embedded and air freshner and disinfectant won't get rid of it - you need to get rid of the fabrics that smell and the walls probably need thorough cleaning then repainting.

lananzack Thu 09-Mar-17 19:23:26

Ah shit, thanks for your reply. I thought perhaps that would be the case. Was just hoping for an easier less expensive solution that we maybe hadn't thought of, MN is full of cleaning tips and tricks. B&Q it is!

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