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Liver, kidney,low iron,Cushing disease...advice needed pls help

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Vegansnake Mon 06-Mar-17 20:50:58

My vet has run some tests,the results were liver and kidneys off the scale,couldn't be read,iron was low,Cushing was mentioned,as was a said,my dog is very very ill,and they want to do an ultrasound..more bloods have been sent off,possible kidney and liver failing...anyone had similar? What happened? What can I expect.pls help

Shambolical1 Mon 06-Mar-17 21:46:27

Just saw your update on the other thread. Poor dog.

Has he appeared to be unwell before now? You've only mentioned the foot problem up till now. Have you had a diagnosis for that?

is your vet experienced with sighthounds? They do have a different blood profile to other breeds and this can create false readings. I doubt they will do any surgery on his foot until they've got to the bottom of the blood results. He may not need much sedation for ultrasound; maybe go for that (depending on the result of the most recent bloods) and maybe then know what you're dealing with?

Are you in an area where there have been cases of Alabama Rot?

Vegansnake Mon 06-Mar-17 22:10:53

on a Sunday .about a month ago my dogs nails needed clipping ,my vet was shut.but a vet in a shop was open..he was struggling.she held his nail tight.claws were clipped ,and he came out limping..took him back the next day £50 only for them to say nothing was wrong,,he had pain killers and stopped limping.a month later he's limping on the Friday.i book the vets (my vets not the one in the pet shop )for Saturday morning,blood everywhere,hole in his foot ,dripping blood.rushed him in to the vets.they operate straight away,an infection that's spread..through standing on something sharp while on a walk,not linked to the nail clipping,as vet said he would of lost his leg if it had been going on that long.she said we caught it 2 days later back at vets for dressings to come off.foot is flat.nail at a funny angle..I explain about the nail being roughly clipped ,vet says it's been disclcated and needs to be amputated,but first they want to do bloods,and the rest is in the start of my thread

Vegansnake Mon 06-Mar-17 22:20:35

Shambolica,jeasus I've just looked up alamba's certainly praying it's not thou

Shambolical1 Mon 06-Mar-17 23:01:14

It is pretty rare, though, still, and hopefully it isn't. But it couldn't hurt to mention it, just in case.

Maybe the initial infection he had has spread.

Are they supporting him with drugs until they get the results back? The dislocated toe can wait, really, until they have him stable elsewhere.

Vegansnake Tue 07-Mar-17 06:40:29

No,this all happened yesterday.we are waiting for a second lot of blood tests to come back

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