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Dog towel - any reccs?

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Wtfdoicare Mon 06-Mar-17 11:25:00

I want something thick, large (golden retriever) and washable. Got one from Amazon but it doesn't quite cut the mustard, our own old towels are better.

BiteyShark Mon 06-Mar-17 12:30:55

I use a large snugglesafe micro fibre dog towel which gets my spaniel dry.

blueskyinmarch Mon 06-Mar-17 12:41:42

We just use old beach towels to dry off our lab. I didn't even know you could buy special ones. Why don't you just buy a pile of cheap beach towels?

Wtfdoicare Mon 06-Mar-17 12:49:30

Great idea bluesky smile Will do.

Bubble2bubble Mon 06-Mar-17 13:13:45

ddog's hydrotherapist swears by those microfibre towels - you don't even need a very big one, uses a handtowel sized one on ddog

imthelastsplash Mon 06-Mar-17 13:18:47

Charity shops are great for dog towels - I got 2 old beach towels a couple of weeks ago for 99p each

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Mon 06-Mar-17 13:21:40

Microfibre ones from B&M. Cost next to nothing, work a treat.

leighdinglady Sun 12-Mar-17 14:07:09

The super absorbent and quick drying travel towels you get from camping shops. Great for lining the boot of the car for after walks too

picklemepopcorn Sun 12-Mar-17 14:16:26

We've got a great one, it's a bit weird, not like anything I've used before. My sister has it for her goodie and spaniel, I've one for my smaller dog. It feels like a chamois leather, slightly spongy. You keep it damp in a plastic tube and it sucks the dirt off. Brilliant. It's called 'aquazorb' and it's a groomers' towel.

leighdinglady Sun 12-Mar-17 15:03:42

pickle that's the same material as the camping travel towels. Super absorbent and because they're so thin they can go in the wash without taking up the whole machine

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