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Dog flap

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WicketWoo Sun 05-Mar-17 09:52:22

We are having issues with our Bichon Frise since moving house 2 years ago.

At the old house we had a cat flap in the back door and glass windows all across the back of the house. He was perfectly trained to go outside to wee and poo.

In our new house, the cat flap goes through a wall and he has a fenced off area of the garden where he can't see into the house. When we moved in he kept weeing in a room with carpet, away from the kitchen where the cat flap is, which we thought might be to do with the people before us having a non-spade male dog who was allowed to wee inside (or so we have been told). So we replaced the carpet, which was sodden, with wood. We also thought the cat flap might be too small so we have replaced it with a bigger one.

He still wees right next to the cat flap inside the house. He knows he's doing wrong as if we've been out and he's done it he will run and hide. He won't ever do it if we're around though so we can never catch him, ever.

We thought he might just not like it when we go out but he will sneak and do it when we're in too. Although not if we follow him.

I have had him checked out by a vet and there aren't any problems - which I didn't really think in any case given that he will go outside if he sees us.

Any thoughts on how we sort this would be much appreciated.

Bluebell9 Tue 07-Mar-17 14:18:57

Is the new fenced off area for him outside grass?

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