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Essential items for new puppy

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SewandSew40 Wed 01-Mar-17 14:49:20

New puppy arrives in 4 weeks. I have a friend giving me the correct sized crate...can you list the other essentials you would get, to start with ?

Someone mentioned 'Vetbed' for inside of crate.

A water/food bowl ?

Collar ? What type of lead ?

And, some sort of bed other than the crate ? Bit confused about this one.

Then....extra stuff, dog treats / a couple of chewy toys ?

She's a cockapoo.....
Thank you

PoniesandProsecco Wed 01-Mar-17 14:51:44

How exciting, definitely a crate so she can escape and have 'time out' away from noise and just to chill! Another bed maybe in the lounge, just a normal bed.
Wee mats are really good too
A harness is usually better when they're younger too, although we just use ours all the time now and we found a kitten collar fitted better when they were so small, then a smart collar with a tag on which they wear all the time now (2 and 5)

RitaConnors Wed 01-Mar-17 14:55:00


We didn't have another bed, just the one in her crate although she now has a basket in the living room too.

Catinthecorner Wed 01-Mar-17 15:34:39

Crate with a mat/blanket/old towel/similar in it. Have at least two so if there's a nighttime accident you can chuck the wet one in the wash and a dry one in the crate.

You can also have extras of crate/bed/mat/floor cushion for pup in any other rooms they many spend time in.

Chew toys. Puppies chew. It is better to have a selection of stuff you are happy for them to chew then have then test their teeth on your furniture. Nylabone or benebone are good, safe brands. I'd start with at least four different ones.

Toys. Puppies need to play. Start with a couple of balls, some squeaky toys, a tug toy and something soft they can cuddle. They'll let you know their preferences. Go cheap in this category if you like as it will all be destroyed eventually. TK Maxx can be good if you have a local one. I also love tuffy toys as I've had good luck with them lasting well.

Food toys. Kongs, white sterile bones, quests, food dispensing toys. I'd have a couple of kongs as a minimum but a variety is always handy. Good for when you want to leave them in their crate for a while.

Food and any treats you want to use.

Bowls. You can manage with one, but I find four works best for me. One for water, one for the meal and one spare to soak food for kongs/to be in the dishwasher/to use if we have a puppy guest. I also leave a travel bowl in the car with a bottle of water and a spare meal but that might be overkill for you (regularly do long drives here).

You might want a mat to pop the bowls on. Some dogs are splashier then others. It's also handy to signal to the pup 'their space' in the kitchen to keep them from being underfoot.

Grooming kit. Brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, ear cleaner, nail clippers, puppy shampoo and an old towel. If you plan to use a grooming service you might not need all this.

Collar, tags and leash. Harness if you like.

Poop bags. Millions of poop bags.

Urine destroyer and kitchen roll in case of accidents.

Insurance. Meds (flea guard, etc).

Treat bag or pouch for you. A food bag will do the same job but it's handy in summer.

SewandSew40 Wed 01-Mar-17 16:06:01

Thanks so much all of you. Very useful as a starting point.....also had a good chat with the dog groomer inside the pet shop I went into today who recommended the right grooming brush for, what she said, will be quite a curly cockapoo (she's a red).....

Just booked her in for her first vaccination too so am getting organised !

Nifflerbowtruckle Wed 01-Mar-17 16:21:17

Poop bags - we use nappy sacks as they are cheaper. We get Tesco ones 300 for 35p and we've never had one break.
You can get proper teething toys like baby ones that you put in the fridge. My dog loved the nylabone one when she was a pup.
Look for a light weight lead. We got a cheap puppy set. The pup will be really small and a big heavy clip on a lead might be too much for them.

CMOTDibbler Wed 01-Mar-17 16:33:43

A pair of crocs/back door shoes, and a poncho so you can stand in the garden at midnight waiting for them to pee/poo warmly and not getting wet if its raining.
Really good kitchen towel. I like regina Blitz.
Simple Solution pet accident spray
Old towels for the crate.
Bio washing powder (if you don't usually use it) for the towels

BiteyShark Wed 01-Mar-17 16:38:31

Lots of kitchen towels for the accidents. Poo bags, bowls, snacks for puppies (some are suitable for 8 weeks and above and can be handy when your puppy won't eat it's normal food)

Cheap beds and toys as they will be destroyed. Cheap collar as they will soon grow out of it.

I also second warm clothing for you as you will be out in all weathers waiting for them to pee and poo.

Oh one of the most useful thing I got was a cheap baby monitor so I could watch and listen to him at night to see if he was actually awake in his crate or just having a shuffle.

Baby gate so you can safely block off a room, handy to keep puppy in kitchen to make it easy to clean any accidents up.

ImBrian Wed 01-Mar-17 18:43:47

Indigo dog tags are brilliant when you get their full size collar, stuff to chew on, treats, wellies and waterproofs for all the toilet training. My crate has been the thing I've used the most, I have one in the car and one in the kitchen. Lots of fleecy cheap blankets from b&m come in handy as well.

Sparklywine Sat 04-Mar-17 06:59:26

Yay, cockapoo! We have one, she's great. Apart from the above which is all fab advice, I'd say our pup has really enjoyed chewing her antler, PAH do ones suitable for under six months old. The cockapoo coat is best groomed with a metal comb to get right through the curls and prevent matts. I'd also say don't be too precious about getting her trimmed, we held out for eight months but I was spending ages combing her each night, since her trim I haven't needed to and she still looks gorgeous. I shall post a pic, excuse the bow tie which the groomer felt added a certain panache....

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