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Quoted £650 for treatment - is this a lot?

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roastpotatoesandsprouts Tue 28-Feb-17 21:18:49

I have a 10 year old ex-racing greyhound. I have just been quoted £650 to remove three of his teeth and scale the remainder. I know he will need a GA, but it seems a lot (especially as he is not insured sad). Should I shop around or does this sound about right?

ImBrian Tue 28-Feb-17 22:30:37

That sounds a lot! My friend just paid £250 to have a fish hook removed from dogs mouth and anti biotic/painkillers.

Noitsnotteatimeyet Tue 28-Feb-17 23:22:50

Depends where you are - it cost £650 for my cat to have 4 teeth removed under general anaesthetic two years ago ... he has a hereditary condition which means he'll probably be toothless in the next few years (he's only 6 or so now) and so far has needed three lots of dental surgery so it sounds about right to me ...

3boys3dogshelp Tue 28-Feb-17 23:30:10

It sounds a lot to me (vet) but there is a huge variation between practices.
Dental work can be very time consuming so it's not an unfair amount if the practice charges by minutes of operating time. Eg one dental took me two hours operating time once my patient was asleep and stable. A dog castrate might take 15 mins.
As a practice we charge in 'bands' based on how much work needs to be done and our most expensive dental work is £420 including GA and all pre and post op medications. We often don't make much money on them though!

Floralnomad Tue 28-Feb-17 23:35:47

At our vets (SE) anything which includes an anaesthetic always costs upwards of £550 and that's on a 13kg dog and I imagine your grey is a lot heavier than that .

roastpotatoesandsprouts Wed 01-Mar-17 06:17:49

Thanks for the replies. From 3boys response it sounds like it may be worth ringing around to see if other practices have a different charging system.

stonecircle Wed 01-Mar-17 06:51:29

I think we paid about £350 a year ago for one extraction and cleaning for a Labrador. SE London.

It was a broken tooth so our insurance paid some of it (refused to pay for the cleaning even though the vet said it was necessary to avoid infection at the extraction site).

Tamberlane Wed 01-Mar-17 11:29:30

Also depends on the teeth being removed...if its the canines(largest in front) or a carnassials these often take longer
Especially the canines in a large dog so do tend to be more expensive!

No harm in ringing around though!

For 650 and a ten year old greyhound, I would be expecting that to include full bloods-(checking liver kidneys and blood pararmeters etc to make sure the anaesthetic will be safe in an oldie) before the op, a cather and intravenous fluids throughout the procedure and all painrelief and antibiotics(if required) to be included and would be checking with other vets whats included in their pricing....some dont give pain relief to go home on as standard sad etc

CornflakeHomunculus Wed 01-Mar-17 14:38:12

It cost £350 last year for DWhippet3 to have one of his upper carnassial teeth removed. It was a difficult job as well because he'd sheared most of it off chewing on an antler hmm The price also included a scale of his other teeth (although he's young and has good teeth so not much needed there), the optional pre-op blood tests and the pain medication he was sent home with.

Garnethair Wed 01-Mar-17 14:41:45

Which area are you in OP? We have an excellent vet nearby who is very much cheaper than others

AFawnDawn Wed 01-Mar-17 14:58:01

Definitely ring around for more prices. That seems an awful lot to me - we paid just less than £300 for several removals (3,4 or 5, can't quite remember) for our 4 year old greyhound, though it was 3 years ago. North East England so let me know if you need a recommendation.

And don't worry about the insurance, teeth aren't covered hmm

AFawnDawn Wed 01-Mar-17 14:58:41

Oh, and that included scale and polish too.

BellaGoth Wed 01-Mar-17 15:16:46

We recently paid £380 for 6 extractions, clean the remainder plus anti biotics as she had an infection. That also included 2 follow up appointments to check how it was all healing.

roastpotatoesandsprouts Wed 01-Mar-17 17:53:01

Thanks I am not working tomorrow so will ring around then. I am in Essex if anyone has any recommendations of a god but cheap vet.

roastpotatoesandsprouts Wed 01-Mar-17 17:57:18

This is the estimate if anyone has any comments on what is included.

Garnethair Wed 01-Mar-17 19:52:32

I can recommend a vet in Essex, but can't work out how to PM on the iPad! If you PM me I'll let you know!

roastpotatoesandsprouts Wed 01-Mar-17 20:00:09

I have sent a PM Garnet - thanks

Garnethair Wed 01-Mar-17 20:17:24


roastpotatoesandsprouts Thu 02-Mar-17 19:06:27

Just an update - a vet's practice just 2 miles away is charging £150 less even with the initial consultation fee. They band the tooth extraction in the same way as 2dogs practice which means that they will take up to 8 teeth out with no extra charge. The first vet charged per tooth so the £650 was only for 3 teeth with each additional tooth incurring extra costs. So definitely worth shopping around.

My boy is now booked in to have the op

BellaGoth Thu 02-Mar-17 19:28:04

Great news. Make sure you stock up on wet food for afterwards! When's the op?

roastpotatoesandsprouts Thu 02-Mar-17 19:38:03

He should be flashing his new toothless grin this time next week Bella

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