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Greyhound balding at collar

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AFawnDawn Sat 25-Feb-17 11:16:41

Our 3 year old ex-racer has been with us for about 6 months. She currently wears a 1.5 inch martingale from Kitsch Collars as her house collar but has now gone completely bald on her throat.

Does anyone have any soft or necklace type collar recommendations? I'd prefer her not to be naked in the house wink and I'd like it to be able to hold her tag.

She does seem to lose hair at an alarming rate! Her bald thighs have still not recovered since rehoming though she is probably still a little stressed out. She's had a lot to cope with - children, chickens, an unfortunate chocolate stealing incident at Christmas and then a severe gastric bug last month which had her lose 10% of her body weight. I'm trying porridge oats in her meals to see if that helps the baldness on her thighs. Has anyone had any success with that?

TIA smile

Shambolical1 Sat 25-Feb-17 12:11:24

If I remember rightly Kitsch Collars make a velvet tag collar (scroll down the page a bit on the House Collars page), you could try one of those.

Or you could try a rolled or braided leather one, have a look on here (lots of very posh stuff too!)

Have to say though that I only got rid of the small bald patch on my lurcher's throat when we switched him to a harness for walking (he still wears a narrow martingale tag collar). Collars never seemed to rub his skin, it was never sore but no hair grew on one small patch.

Baldy bum is a known thing with greyhounds and some dogs with lots of greyhound blood. I'd keep going with the oats, and there's a lot of talk about coconut oil helping, too. Sardines or other oily fish a couple of times a week can't hurt either. You'll probably find things improve one the days get longer and it's time to grow a summer coat.

AFawnDawn Sat 25-Feb-17 14:34:53

That sounds encouraging re. the baldy bum, Shambolical. We give her sardines several times a week so hopefully that will help.

She's currently lying with her head on my knee chattering her teeth as I scratch her (bald) belly so she can't be too stressed grin And she's fawn so it's not as noticeable as it could be.

Will have a look at those collar sites, thank you smile

CMOTDibbler Sat 25-Feb-17 20:44:28

Dogs on Bikes do a very fine webbing tag collar (not on their webshop for some reason, just get in contact), or J&J Greenwood designs on FB do custom braided paracord ones which are very good - ddog2 has a glow in the dark one which I've been pleased with.

Adding fish oil could help - mine love having sardines in tomato sauce once a week and its not expensive with Lidl sardines

ScattyHattie Sat 25-Feb-17 22:44:34

Its best to avoid leaving martingale collars on a dog while unattended anyway as there designed to tighten up so a dog can't reverse out when fitted properly but even if left loose like the wide house collars the big D rings are more liable to get caught on something (handle/paw etc) the dog may struggle and be injured or even strangled, it may sound rather unlikely but sadly dogs have died this way. If you do crate the tags on a collar can also get caught in the mesh, so personally opt leave them naked then.
The added bonus is if you just put on for walks then the fancy collars last longer and even more hard wearing leather tends to get scratched by claws when worn 24/7.

I have couple of dog-on-a-bikes tag skinny webbing tag collars which are great, they remind me of Olympic medals the way tags hang and some velvet tag collars from dog O nine tails to go with their fancy martingales, but normal webbing clip dog collars work well too as greyhounds necks are so tiny they tend to be slim and fairly cheap.

My greyhound shed her fluffy, teddy bear kennel coat on arriving home and then had a baldy neck, tum, thighs so not due to rubbing and it stayed like that for a few years despite adding salmon oil (fish body oil is better for dogs than cod liver ) to her food (hypoallergenic salmon & rice). Its regrown mainly on neck/thighs in past 18 months which i actually think is due living in a colder house rather than diet, but she does like a bit of coconut oil in her food & sardines which also helps general coat shine/skin condition and joints etc.
It seems some greyhounds are just more prone to balding, her 2 relatives i also owned had same diet/living conditions but were well coated. I never worried though, being a Pet blood bank donor for many years she had quarterly health checks & full bio screen annually.

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