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Our girl has cancer

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Squeezed Tue 21-Feb-17 18:51:10

It's not unexpected after the vet removed an ulcerated growth but we're still devastated. We lost our boy less than two years ago. The vet has said that chemotherapy might be an option but I don't want her to suffer. We'll know more on Thursday about the treatment options so we can make a decision but I'm not sure what we'll do. Don't know why I'm posting, just feeling so sad.

BiteyShark Tue 21-Feb-17 19:07:16

Oh that's horrible news flowers. Have they given you any idea of how treatable it is?

Shriek Tue 21-Feb-17 19:21:22

heard very good things on here about chemo for ddogs?

really feeling for you, would be devastated and not known how to deal with such awful news, and very sorry for your still recent loss sad


Wolfiefan Tue 21-Feb-17 19:23:34

Oh no. I am so sorry. We opted for low dose chemo and steroids for a cat we had. Did help but unfortunately the sort he had was never going to be curable.
Hopefully the vet can give you a clear picture and advise you. flowers

Lilmisskittykat Tue 21-Feb-17 19:28:35

I'm so sorry to hear that. flowers

LordRothermereBlackshirtCunt Tue 21-Feb-17 19:30:07

Oh gosh flowers I wish I was knowledgeable enough to be able to offer some useful advice. But I'm sending you and DDog positive thoughts and hoping that there are some treatment options for her. Let us know how you get on on Thursday. I've had a lot of support on this board in the last couple of weeks. People in real life don't always understand how much our dogs mean to us, but there's always a supportive crowd on here.

Squeezed Tue 21-Feb-17 19:53:06

Thank you for your kind words. We're not sure how treatable it is yet but we've been given a possible 2-6 months, she's only 8. I'm so pleased it's probably not going to be as quick as our boy so we can take her on a lovely holiday to our favourite place.
Can't imagine not having a dog, what do people without dogs do?

Fireinthegrate Tue 21-Feb-17 20:31:17

So sorry to hear this. I haven't anything useful to say, except that I'm sure that in conjunction with your vet, you will make the right decision. X

Goodgriefisitginfizzoclock Tue 21-Feb-17 23:03:43

Sorry to hear this. Not sure if any help but our dog(10) had lymphoma, advised 4/5 weeks in September with no treatment or 6/12 with chemo. Assured us that dogs didn't feel poorly with chemo and I think I would agree, ours didn't appear to, however he became resistant and we stopped after Christmas, sadly Pts last Friday 😓 So it did gain us time though 5.5 months. Did cost us 3.5k (insured up to 2k) but ultimately it couldn't save him, but did give us time to adjust. Post not intended to upset you just give you facts in a case to help you decide X

Squeezed Wed 22-Feb-17 07:16:20

So sorry for your loss Goodgrief. That's so sad and so recent. It sounds like the chemo really did give you time. I've been googling chemo and you post was really helpful. I hate to be thinking about the cost but being practical as I'm on maternity leave. We've still got 2.5 k left for this condition so we don't have to think to much yet about the cost. Still panicking that the insurance company won't pay out for what we've had done so far.
I spent last night cuddling her and looking at the many photos. Can't imagine how I'm going to tell dd1 about losing her best friend when she already talks everyday about missing the other dog. Dd2 won't even remember her because she so young. It's just so terribly sad.

LaGattaNera Wed 22-Feb-17 11:00:46

Oh yes it is so sad, so sorry to hear this. Hope you have as much as time as possible with her.
What do people without dogs do? I don't know.
Lost my dog last month and am being homechecked today for another - can't live without a dog in my life and it is almost 7 weeks already which is too long for me. Fingers crossed for some positive news tomorrow

Squeezed Wed 22-Feb-17 11:41:15

lagatta So sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what it's like not having a dog, and imagining is awful. Our holidays, daily routines and house moves have focused on dogs for so long. With two young children it wouldn't be fair to get another dog yet, I just couldn't give it the time it needs. This means contemplating having no dog for 4 years ish and this feels like a lifetime. Even then, I cant imagine having a dog that isn't my girl or my boy.
The vet said I can walk her today. So pleased we can do that again just got to try and stop her eating anything when we're out. This may be impossible with a labrador.

LaGattaNera Wed 22-Feb-17 11:51:10

I know what you mean about saying you can't imagine having a new dog that is not your boy or girl - I always worried I wouldn't love my new one to be honest (lost 3 in 4 years as always takent the oldies) but I always did - all of them rescue dogs and all of them soon got under my skin and adored.
Depending on where you live, Hersham Hounds will always let you take a dog for a foster weekend or week even if you have no intention of adopting one, they are just grateful that people will do this and of course they get feed back from you so it would still be possible to get a dog fix if you are near enough to them.
Every time I read on here that someone has lost their dog or that there dog is very ill, I feel my heart contract and my throat constrict just thinking about what they must be going through as it is so hard and many non-dog lovers do not understand. We on here do understand and we will be here for you and what a lovely person you are giving 2 dogs a home and loving them so unconditionally and also showing your children how to love and care for something that relies on us 100%

Squeezed Wed 22-Feb-17 13:13:54

Oh thank you your post made me cry. That is happening a lot today! I might have to think about ways to get the dog fix as I'm not near Hersham. We've got lots of friends with dogs so can always pinch them.
I know what you mean about hearing about other people's dogs. It's all so heartbreaking. The price you pay for having such love.

LaGattaNera Wed 22-Feb-17 17:43:04

Keep us all posted x

Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 22-Feb-17 19:03:32

OP, I'm so sorry to read about your lovely girl's diagnosis. I just wanted to send you a hug, and your girl a gentle belly rub.
Hope you have a lovely holiday together x 😥

Goodgriefisitginfizzoclock Wed 22-Feb-17 19:38:27

Not wishing to dwell on the finance, but I do think it's relevant to tell you this part of my story. When we started chemo was approx 100 per week, we did 8 weeks of weekly then every other week. As it happens our vets was taken over during this period and believe it or not the cost went from 96.00 one week to 188.00 the following I kid you not! I queries the cost that's when I found out about the take over, I said Thats a totally unacceptable hike but couldn't face challenging at the time, point I'm making we got up to 3.5 when it was costing basically 200 a week when we had to return to weekly treatment, scandalous really, feel they should have upheld original costs when we entered treatment. If yours is in the region of 100 2.5 will get you a good few treatments so don't panic. Don't know how to send flowers as I'm a technophobe ! But I do send them and a hug x

Squeezed Wed 22-Feb-17 21:28:51

Sugar, thank you, I gave her a good squeeze and rub. She's feeling very spoilt. Poor thing just wants her cone off so we can have some good full body hugs.
Wow goodgrief, that's awful. I tend to forget that vets are businesses but that is an terrible way to treat you. Our vets shouldn't change anytime soon and they are lovely there. We've not been charged for follow up consultations and Dd has softened them up with thank you cards and chocolates.

Squeezed Thu 23-Feb-17 16:26:43

I broke down with the poor vet, again. Our girl might have a few months because she's so strong, but we can only manage the symptoms. She's done well to come out of the surgery as it's Adenocarcinoma. We could try chemo but it is highly unlikely to add any time. I can't put her through it for no reason.
It's been sad that my youngest daughter never met our boy, but it's devastating that she won't remember our girl.
When we lost our boy we went on a long walk with our girl to all of his favourite spots. This time we'll come back to an empty house.

ExConstance Thu 23-Feb-17 16:35:38

So sorry to hear about your Ddog, Squeezed. We had a rescue Staffie who was nearly 9 when he developed leukemia. We had not had him that long and loved him to pieces, wanted to do the best for him. Our vet suggested chemo in tablet form and steroids which gave him 4 good months, he wasn't unhappy in his final weeks as his low energy levels made him more available for constant sofa cuddles, and I had him sleep in bed with me, his favourite thing. DH is less dog dependent than me but I hate living without one, and just short of 6 months later we acquired another older gentleman Staffy, now a bit wonky on his legs but doing well.

Squeezed Thu 23-Feb-17 16:44:23

So sorry about your boy. And so soon after you had him, so unfair. Our boy went very, very quickly after diagnosis so we're keeping our fingers crossed this time. I'm on maternity leave for another few months so I can make the most of her.

Goodgriefisitginfizzoclock Thu 23-Feb-17 18:49:52

Don't know what to say, just know we are sending hugs x

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