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Selectively house trained

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Blacksheep78 Sun 19-Feb-17 20:09:37

My 22yo DD has a 12yo small breed spayed female. DD has been living on her own for several years, but has recently returned home. From a pup, DDog has been 'sort of' house trained. She knows to go outside, and does when conditions are right. She will not go outside when it's raining, dark or my DD has gone out. This is causing major problems with DP, who really doesn't like dogs inside at all. He is coming around with my 3 well trained DDogs, but this issue isn't helping. He wants to ban her from the house altogether, and lock her in a yard outside... I see his point, but don't want to do this. Any suggestions?

elevenswan Sun 19-Feb-17 20:24:24

I'd lock your dp in the yard and see how he likes it.

Anyway I'd go back to basics and take the dog out all the time, every time she wakes up, after food, etc etc and treat and praise when she goes. If you think she's desperate for a wee but avoiding going outside you could put her in her crate for 30 mins then try again after that.

Wolfiefan Sun 19-Feb-17 20:28:21

Is the dog anxious? Patch of lit, covered grass by the back door?
She isn't toilet trained if she's selectively weeing inside. You need to think why she's doing this.

BiteyShark Sun 19-Feb-17 20:44:00

You all need to agree to tackle the toilet training and go back to square one again. Unfortunately it sounds like DD has been a bit lazy with the training if accidents are still happening. Even if raining and dark someone is going to have to stand outside with the dog until she goes to do all the praising etc just like you would do with a puppy.

Blacksheep78 Sun 19-Feb-17 21:41:34

Sorry, didn't say in OP, she will go outside any time for a wee. Comes back inside to poo. Even after a long walk, if my daughter isn't home, she will come inside to poo. I've caught her in the act soooo many times, growled at her and taken her back outside. I've tried ignoring and just cleaning up after her, puppy pads, praise for "going" outside etc.

I've had many dogs over the years, and have never had this sort of problem before. DDog was fine when she was younger and lived at home with me. DD has been living away for 4 years (took DDog) and has been back at home for about 6 months. We dog sat when she went on holidays etc, with no pooing inside. Problem started the first time DD went to work after moving back home.

What it seems to come down to is that without my daughter around, yes, I think she is anxious, and simply won't poo outside, even if I walk her on her own. My dogs are much bigger, and very active, but she is 'boss' of 2 of them and doesn't seem frightened of them. She happily comes out to play fetch etc. Wanders about following the horses and cattle, so not scared of being outside.

I have seriously considered locking DP outside BTW. In all fairness, he has been very patient considering he often steps in it.

Shambolical1 Sun 19-Feb-17 23:03:14

The trouble with 'growling' at her 'so many times' if you catch her in the act is that she'll associate your disapproval with the act of pooping itself rather than the location, and you'll push it 'underground' so that not only will she poop inside but she'll poop somewhere out of your way you won't discover till later (or your DP will) and she won't 'go' in your presence on walks.

You need to go right back to basics as if she was a puppy, as others have said - start again, and rein in the growling.

Perhaps give her somewhere she can 'hide' to poop out of sight in the garden. Do you let her off lead on walks so she can hide in the bushes?

Blacksheep78 Sun 19-Feb-17 23:35:35

That makes sense, thank you. Yes, she has off-lead time. We live on acreage, so she is rarely on a lead at all. Not a lot of bushes, but plenty of long grass that she runs about in.

Blacksheep78 Wed 22-Feb-17 04:11:58

Just a quick update... my DD arrived home about an hour after my last post. She'd been away 5 days, during which time DDog had pooped at least twice a day inside. Since DD arrived home - nothing.

Separation anxiety perhaps?

BiteyShark Wed 22-Feb-17 05:58:20

Separation anxiety is a very specific condition and thus require specific treatment and from what I have read a lot of people mistake behavioural issues for SA.

However saying that there is clearly an issue here with your DD leaving so I would invest in a good dog behaviourist to come into your home to get to the root of the problem.

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