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Recommendations for puppy pen

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cheesentoast Sat 18-Feb-17 13:59:23

New pup coming soon and looking for a puppy pen. Not massive, want it to fit in kitchen. Max of 5' x 4'. It's just somewhere safe to put her when I have to pop out over those first few weeks, school run etc. Her crate will need to fit inside but she's a small breed. Don't want to be crating her which is why am thinking a pen would give her more room etc.

Have had a look online but lots get poor reviews for build quality and safety.


BiteyShark Sat 18-Feb-17 14:09:32

I have used this which was ok but DDog could move it if he pushed against it

Girlwhowearsglasses Sat 18-Feb-17 14:10:39

What kind and where are you (I have one I've used for three weeks and want to sell on - DM me)

Mine is a standard Ellie Bo one and it's pretty sturdy. My puppy is a whippet, and is 13 weeks - two weeks ago he learnt to jump vertically out! No use now but was worth having first few weeks.

I have to say we have a crate too which I had in the pen. He slept in it with door open and now he is happy in the crate all night. I think this was quite a good way of crate training and he is dry at night now. He has a crate in the car so I think will always be useful even though we haven't gone all out 'crate training' on him

CornflakeHomunculus Sat 18-Feb-17 14:18:07

The Crufts puppy pens (my link) are excellent and they're modular so you can make them various different sizes.

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VilootShesCute Sat 18-Feb-17 14:26:11

Girl that made me laugh, vertical jumping. Hehe.

VilootShesCute Sat 18-Feb-17 14:28:35

(Only because I now have an image of a small whippet pup standing on all 4 legs taking off to extreme hights grin)

cheesentoast Sat 18-Feb-17 16:56:56

Thanks for the recommendations.

Girl, will pm you. Am ever so sloghtly alarmed that you got so little time out of it before pup found a means to escape 😂.

Cornflake thanks. Had been looking at the Croft website and sort of chosen this style but u sure what quality or finish would be. Much prefer what you linked to but cost is prohibitive by the time I add on a pair of extra panels to increase size (if I remember correctly the standard size would be a bit small but the with the extra panels it would be too deep).

The Ellie-Bo crates look a possibility - thank you!

Girlwhowearsglasses Sat 18-Feb-17 18:05:25

viloote that is exactly what he does. He's actually a kangaroo. I think it's only a whippet thing @cheeseontoast - unless you have a greyhound puppy ;-)

I think if you have the room a pen is a great idea.

Girlwhowearsglasses Sat 18-Feb-17 18:05:56

Ellie bo is modular too

VilootShesCute Sat 18-Feb-17 19:51:32

cheese we got the croft puppy panels for our wolfie. I'll see if I can dig out a pic of what dh made...

VilootShesCute Sat 18-Feb-17 20:01:23

Sorry about the funny angle. Croft panels.

cheesentoast Sat 18-Feb-17 22:40:44

Thanks for the photos Viloot. Am glad you posted as it looks totally different on their website - doesn't show the wooden frame at all. Is your gate wooden too? On the website it shows a metal gate.

Need to get the measurng tape out again tomorrow and order something!

VilootShesCute Sun 19-Feb-17 01:22:02

Oh no it's just the metal! Husband knocked up the bloody great wooden frame don't worry it doesn't come with that! Although for a wolfhound it needed to be as sturdy as we could make it, so the frame was a must. They're tough, I'd go for them if I were you.

Bubble2bubble Sun 19-Feb-17 09:44:02

I had this one to contain n ddog after surgery.
It was very sturdy but very easy to put up and you can change the shape to fit your space.

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