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Worried my puppy isn't properly vaccinated

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TrixieLox Fri 17-Feb-17 23:10:35

Any vets or vax-savvy owners on here? I got my 12 week old pup from a breeder who informed me she's been vaccinated and can go out etc. I have her vaccination sheet (see attached, first administered around 8 weeks old, second just over ten weeks). But my friend who's a vet is telling me she doesn't think my pup's been properly vaccinated and only has an 'adult dog' vaccine meaning she's not fully covered for parvo virus and other things (so she hasn't had two doses of all 5 diseases, apart from Lepto). But when I went by my registered vet telling them this,
they said while it's not a standard way of vaxing, my pup will be fine and won't need any more, in fact subjecting pup to yet more injections and drugs might not be a good thing anyway (she'd have to start course of vaccinations again as that particular vax drug not available here so another two or more weeks until the poor mite can be walked). Told friend this, she said if it were her, she'd push for it. I'm now not sure what to do! Thoughts?

Tamberlane Fri 17-Feb-17 23:37:26

How old is the pup now?

BiteyShark Sat 18-Feb-17 05:18:36

I'm struggling to read the exact details in the picture but googling for vanguard vaccinations in U.K. I did find a gov site listing it for approved vaccinations and some of the vanguard strains appeared to covered parvo virus etc

Jenny70 Sat 18-Feb-17 06:16:20

I think the risk of getting diseases is slight, given that pup has been given some vacs, but the risk of puppy being anti-social is greater if you keep them isolated for another 4-6 weeks to do "proper" vaccinations.

I think the vaccination schedule is a recommendation, rather than "this is the only way to protect your dog".

I would follow your vet's advise, take her out.

FairfaxAikman Sat 18-Feb-17 07:39:18

Get a titre test done. 'This is a blood test covers immunity for distemper, parvo and hepatitis.
I do not automatically give my girl boosters and do this instead. She is six and has never needed a booster.
Also ask the vet if it's lepto4 they give as there has been particular issues with that

ProfessionalPirate Sat 18-Feb-17 11:07:49

I'm a vet (although not a small animal vet - so not an expert). It looks like your pup has:
a) been given the primary course used for an older pup over 10 weeks
b) received the primary course the opposite way around to normal

It may sound like a small matter, but it can affect the immune response, so if it was my dog I would probably just give him another shot. I can see your vet's point of view too though - there probably isn't a right or wrong answer here.

Another consideration - You might find that your insurance (if you have any) is invalidated for these illnesses if the correct protocol has not been followed.

Titre at this age so recently after vac would be unreliable, so I wouldn't do that.

Could you provide the dob for your pup, and the dates these vacs were given? You could always contact the breeders vet to check what they did. They might be a reasonable explanation for it.

TrixieLox Sat 18-Feb-17 11:13:39

Hello, thanks for your responses. DOB was 17 November, first vax 16 Jan, second vax 30 Jan. Called breeder who said they follow this for all their pups and doesn't see the problem. At her recommendation called her vet (reputable vet, checked online) and they said they use this for all the pups who go through their doors. He was concerned by starting a new protocol all over again would mean longer without socialisation. I can't just give her another shot as no local vets stock vanguard so would need to start over. Tough one!

ProfessionalPirate Sat 18-Feb-17 13:48:13

Ok looking closer at the dates I think I see what they've done here. When you vac a pup under 10 weeks you need to give 2 vaccines of everything as at that age the immune response is still underdeveloped. For pups over 10 weeks you only need to give one dose for everything - except lepto which always needs 2.

Ideally, when vaccinating an 8 week old pup, a vet will give a full dose of everything then and again at 10 weeks. This would give a better level of cover during those 2 in-between weeks. Your pup just got lepto at 8 weeks and then the full dose at 10 weeks. This is a purely money-saving exercise as obviously the lepto on its own is cheaper that lepto+full vaccine. It is not best practice.

Although this would have meant that your pup was at higher risk when he was younger, at 12 weeks now he should now be as fully covered as if he had been given the normal 'on-label' protocol. So in conclusion - no need to worry grin

japanesegarden Sat 18-Feb-17 17:32:32

I'm a vet. 100% agree with professional pirate.

TrixieLox Sat 18-Feb-17 17:36:31

Thank you so much. I just took her for her first walk and she adored it, now napping happily.

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