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Crying over dog

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piginboots Wed 15-Feb-17 22:27:25

Sorry in advance for long wittery post. Massively identifying to anyone who knows me but I don't really care.

Background - just over a week ago I replied to a Facebook post from a dog rescue I follow about a dog that had been dumped at a vets near us and urgently needed transport to a rescue kennels an hour away. I said we couldn't transport (no car) but could look after the dog for a few days until they sorted something out.

12 hours later we collect dog from vets. She is terrified, underweight, obviously had pups recently and has really long claws like she's never been walked. Kept in a bank yard or shed I'd guess, and never let out. She's scared of both me and dp at first but gradually comes round, although still likes to sleep behind the sofa where she obviously feels a bit safer.

We end up having the dog for a week and completely fell in love. She's so sweet and gentle and beautiful. Sadly we are really not the right home for her. Even if it weren't for the fact that our commitments mean we can't have a dog full time we live in the city and the high street freaks her out. My parents (who do live in the countryside) offered to take her on a temporary basis but by this time the original charity had found her a place with another charity more suited to re-homing her "breed" (gsd/bull/mongrel mash up) and they were keen for her to take up the place in kennels which they had arranged as otherwise she'd have ended up in limbo between charities.

Anyhow. She went yesterday. I'm so worried about her. I keep thinking about her stuck in one of those kennels with wire walls and no-where for her to hide. She'll love mixing with other dogs (we weren't able to have her off lead but she really liked meeting other dogs and would love to play with them) but will be so scared of seeing new people each day.

The current plan is to leave it a week to see how she settles in and then have my parents call up to propose a possible foster. They are not totally ideal (I think she'd really like to live with another dog ) but they have had nervous dogs before and would make her feel safe.

I've been crying tonight just thinking about it. Only really posting because I want to talk and dp is away.

Anyone else have stories of ridiculous attachment to soppy stray dogs?

SallyGinnamon Wed 15-Feb-17 22:32:16

Sorry to hear that you're feeling sad. These little creatures worm their way into our hearts don't they?

You've done a great thing and helped this girl on her way to her new life. Unfortunately it couldn't be with you. It was very selfless of you to accept that. It sounds like she needs a very specific type of home. But she'll make it in the long run thanks to your initial kind support. flowers

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Wed 15-Feb-17 22:32:39

I am currently 'stuck' in the nicest possible way with Oscar. . Lurcher cross who ad repliers want for dubious reasons. The no kids /pets ad is seen as a defiance and answered by pet owning parents. . I have literally lost night after night of sleep and slowly my mind worrying about his future. . . We can't keep him long term but concerned he is so bonded with me will he settle with anyone else and be happy??? Would it be kinder to have him pts I ask myself?? Then I would have humongous bloody guilt!! save me from myself. . .

Noitsnotteatimeyet Thu 16-Feb-17 07:43:11

wish why on earth are you trying to rehome him yourself?? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen and then you really would feel guilty

pig it sounds hard but you're doing what's in her best interests

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Thu 16-Feb-17 07:53:53

Kennels all full within a 30 mile radius and local volunteer ones were helping but ran out of options before Xmas. It is a minefield with him being a lurcher I suppose...

piginboots Thu 16-Feb-17 11:22:00

Thanks guys.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 I have PMed you.

BurningBridges Thu 16-Feb-17 11:42:47

After losing my beloved cocker poo early in 2015, that summer I took on a rescue, one of those that are brought into the UK from Romania. The charity completely misrepresented the dog, he was only used to living with other dogs not people, and he ended up sitting under our dining room table for 6 weeks - we showered him with love, and really wanted to make it work, but then he became ill with something similar to the illness which led to our first dog dying and as we couldn't afford the vet bills the charity took him back - it was very acrimonious as well.

I sobbed my heart out over taking him back, the charity then refused to tell me what happened to him so he may have been put down - I hope not, I know it will haunt me, he was so lovely even though he didn't like us. But I realised it was with some relief that he went (on his part and mine). He walked away into the kennels without a glance backwards such was his delight to be back with other dogs.

My instinct was to rescue him, to love him at any cost, so I know how you feel. Hope something works out for all concerned.

piginboots Thu 16-Feb-17 12:02:49

BurningBridges that sounds heart wrenching! Poor dog and poor you!

I should say that all the charities involved with our dog (well, she's obviously not "our" dog) have done their absolute best for her. By rights are should have spent 7 days in the pound and would then probably have been pts do it could be much worse I guess.

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