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Another dog to stay - finding it really hard to deal with HELP!

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DustyBustle Wed 15-Feb-17 11:29:51

A plea for help/advice and a bit of a rant actually,

He's a 3 year old boxer and we've looked after him before as a youngster (9months) - but he's so unruly! We though last time he was hard work because he was young and we weren't used to the breed - but OMG he's such hard work and really upsetting our lovely collie.

He pulls constantly on the lead - I've tried the stop start thing but it's relentless and my poor dog is not getting a good satisfying walk at all. And I'm being pulled along all the way, he just doesn't seem to be getting it!

When I let them off for a run he just jumps on and mouths my dog, who just then glues himself to my side.

He's jumping up at visitors, scratching doors, - howling when left for a millisecond, jumping all over the furniture.

You know like when you adore your own children but can't stand other people's? That's me right now.

I know it's not possible to properly train him in the week we have him but he's just not responding to anything!

BiteyShark Wed 15-Feb-17 12:29:22

You could try correcting the behaviour but not sure that is going to help in a week with all the issues you have. I would certainly not look after him again if it is upsetting your dog.

LilCamper Wed 15-Feb-17 12:32:43

Take them out seperately.

Bubble2bubble Wed 15-Feb-17 12:36:44

I think you need to walk them separately to be fair to both dogs.
Could you use a stairgate in the house to give each a bit of space and keep bouncy dog from rushing at visitors etc? It's easier for the dog to settle behind a stairgate than a closed door - can still see and hear what is going on, ca be rewarded for nice quite behaviour etc
Realistically you are not going to change much in a week, but you should be able to make things a bit easier.

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