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Really worried about my pooch...

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DannyOD Thu 09-Feb-17 13:17:29

Sorry a bit descriptive here but my dog has had the runs for a couple of days. I took her to the vets yesterday and he checked her over thoroughly and could find nothing wrong. He was happy that she was well hydrated and that the poos were normal colour. He gave her some worm medicine and told me to keep feeding her the sensitive food she is on but nothing else, not treats, biscuits etc. This morning on her walk she did a normal poo and I was relieved that she seemed to be on the mend but she then followed up with two very dark, almost black, slimy poos. She has since had another slimy poo in the garden (I should point out that she normally only has 2 sometimes 3 poos a day) and now is sleeping which she never normally does at this time of day. I have phoned the vets and got another appointment for later on this afternoon but I am really worried about her. sad

BiteyShark Thu 09-Feb-17 14:12:44

Fingers crossed for DDog flowers I have had to take mine in for severe runs and fortunately it wasn't serious but I know how horrible it feels when they are ill and you can't help them.

SparklingRaspberry Thu 09-Feb-17 16:13:36

I know it's not your fault as you weren't to know, but if you dog doesn't seem itself or comes across as unwell then never give him any injections/worming/flea treatment! It wrecks havoc on their immune system. They're full of chemicals and all sorts of ingredients which may explain the slimy poo's.

I dont understand why your vet gave you worming treatment when you went in and told them he'd been having odd poos?
Runny poo's doesn't automatically mean it has worms.
Unless there's other reasons why the vet would suspect worms then he was wrong to give you it.

Definitely take him back for a second opinion. From another vet imo.

I hope he's better soon smile

NootNoot Thu 09-Feb-17 17:26:08

There's multiple parasites other than worms that cause diarrhoea....but most of them are killed by what customers would refer to as "wormers". Giardia is a classic for example.

There is probably a good reason your vet gave worming treatment to your dog- ask them when you go back in. You may find you are offered blood work if the colour has changed.

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