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Exclusion duet

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mckenzie Sun 05-Feb-17 19:33:26

We need to try an exclusion diet for our gorgeous Tibetan Terrier to see I fits his food that is making him itch and scratch.

Currently he is mainly raw fed (Honey's or Natural instinct) with some meals being Salters Maintenance kibble.

For training and treats I use a mixture of carrot (partically cooked), meat left over from our dinners (cooked chicken, steak, pork, all plain, no sauces), dried liver, cheese, tuna, and another kibble type (that stinks) that I can't remember the name of.

So, the question is, do I cut out everything else and just put him on the Salters for 4 weeks?
Or do I just raw feed meat and bones and no vegetables and use cooked meat for training treats?

Which path to take?

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 05-Feb-17 21:17:00

I did loads of research in to this for my clients Millie's Wolfheart Riverside mix is a very good option protein sources Duck and Trout ( most dogs have not had this) carb source green pea ( very uncommon in most commercial foods). I have found it a good well price option and it has reduced my own dogs itching.

Ylvamoon Mon 06-Feb-17 18:32:02

Tibetan Terriers can have a wheat intolerance... so, there could be some in the kibble.
You're better off cutting the kibble, and do a balanced raw diet- this should include some vegetables. For threats & training use some cooked meats like chicken. Not from your plate... just get cheap frozen stuff and place in oven for about 30-40min to avoid cross contamination.

mckenzie Mon 06-Feb-17 22:25:14

Thanks for the posts.
I'm Going to try three weeks kibble only (the one I use is wheat free), and use the same for training to start with too (and just hope the little fella doesn't get too bored).
If that doesn't work then I'll try raw only with cooked meat for training treats.
I'm doing it this way round because I have a massive bag of the kibble in the garage but hardly any raw in the freezer.

The kibble manuafacturer is telling me I should see a difference within three weeks. I really hope so.

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