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Dog suddenly limping, no yelp of pain

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littlemissneela Sun 05-Feb-17 18:21:39

Took my dog for a walk before going to our new house to do some more work on it before moving in, in 10 days😳 Anyway, took her ball and thrower to wear her out a bit so she settles (she does not think its home yet). On the second throw, she ran for the ball, then stopped as if she had a branch or something similar stuck in her fur. She was then limping on her back leg. I can't see anything obviously stuck, its not bleeding profusely though there was a small amount of blood at the base of her little toe nail. She lets me touch her entire leg which I hope is good as I thought maybe she had hurt a ligament. I have now bathed it in warm water with some hibi scrub and swooshed her foot about in the water a bit. She seemed to relax a little with that. Obv I will get her to the vet if its still causing problems in the morning, but any suggestions as to what she might have done? Thank you

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