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This poor little dog on Gumtree

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user1471601171 Tue 31-Jan-17 23:36:34

Just seen this advert. Such a shame, owner sounds horrid.

allfurcoatnoknickers Wed 01-Feb-17 14:04:19

This is awful. That poor little thing. I looked last night, and saw the advert, but it appears that it's been taken down this morning. Hopefully he got picked up by a local rescue. They do tend to patrol GumTree, free ads etc. for cases like these.

stickytoffeeloving Wed 01-Feb-17 14:42:55

I can't view the link, but it sounds awful! Can you try it again? I may be able to help.

user1471601171 Wed 01-Feb-17 16:13:02

It's been removed now but it basically said "free dog to any home, good or bad" it then went on to say what horrible dog it was.

stickytoffeeloving Wed 01-Feb-17 16:19:52

Yeah I saw it said that in the link, I just couldn't open it.

Some people are lower than low. No matter how badly behaved a dog is, how could you be happy for it to go to a bad home? angry

Assuming it's been taken down because it's being investigated.

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