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Dog insurance

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Licketysplits Mon 30-Jan-17 12:56:42

Does anyone have any views on which are the best providers please? Thank you!

Floralnomad Mon 30-Jan-17 12:58:24

We've always been with direct line , dog is 6 , we've made at least 4 £600+ claims and never had any bother .

Fireinthegrate Mon 30-Jan-17 16:10:30

I'm with Petplan for my two and have the lifetime cover. Ie, if your dog has a condition which you claim for sometimes it is excluded after that, but with Petplan lifetime cover it is covered for the dogs lifetime.
Which is great because my dog was diagnosed with epilespy when he was 18 mths old. He's now almost 11 yrs old and his tablets have been paid for by Petplan for all of,these years.
I would recommend them.

RaveclawZia13 Mon 30-Jan-17 16:13:39

I'm with petplan they have always paid out for me and as far as I am aware very rarely quibble anything.

They also as a pp said do lifetime cover so they will pay out for lifelong conditions rather than just paying out once.

AuntieMay Mon 30-Jan-17 18:13:04

Definitely Perlman!
Both my dogs are insured and we have claimed many times for our Airedale. 2 new hips and a £16000 bill later he is now almost 12! Never had any issues at all with perplan

AuntieMay Mon 30-Jan-17 18:13:58


Girlwhowearsglasses Mon 30-Jan-17 18:17:58

Interested puppybowner here - Kennel Club cover for four weeks and thinking of Petplan too for same reasons - already use for the cat.

Any other companies do lifetime cover to compare?

Setterlover Mon 30-Jan-17 19:39:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Mon 30-Jan-17 19:45:29

Pet Plan, simply the best !

Shriek Mon 30-Jan-17 23:26:55

is this an ad for them?! grin

stonecircle Mon 30-Jan-17 23:40:02

We were with Direct Line but premiums rocketed as dogs got older and they quibbled over a legitimate claim so we switched to Petplan on vet's recommendation.

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