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Why has my dog started barking constantly when outside?

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Peopleplease Mon 30-Jan-17 04:39:20

First off I don't have neighbours to be bothered by this!

Golden retriever who never barks in the house but in the last 2/3 weeks barks constantly when outside. More at night than during the day but does do it during the day. Nothing has changed that I know of but we're surrounded by a farm so there could be a new smell or something.

He also wants to go out constantly (and come in and go out) more than his usual yo yo like behaviour.

I have a 4 week old so not in a position to put him on a lead outside but DH said he will for his last pee outside.

Peopleplease Mon 30-Jan-17 04:40:36

Should have said - normally he'd bark at something new but get used to it after a day or so.

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