If you have a medium/large dog. What sort of bed have you bought and where from?

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DailyMailDontStealMyThread Sun 29-Jan-17 15:24:16

Need to get Ddog a new bed, she has one in the kitchen and lounge. Ideally buying online.

Pictures of said beds would be a bonus smile flowers

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punter Sun 29-Jan-17 17:14:47

We have a lab - he loves his Orvis bed expensive but worth it. Deep dish memory foam ref TK2C9B if you go online.

PuntCuffin Sun 29-Jan-17 17:30:10

Mine has three blush, one in kitchen, one in sitting room and one in my study. Two are from www.tuffies.co.uk so they are quite pricey, but should last a lifetime. One is a waterproof mattress with cover, the other is a plastic bed with one of their fleecy liners. Both are black watch tartan, but they have lots of options. When I can afford it, I will replace the third one, which is a cheapo Pets at Home mat thing.

dannyglick Sun 29-Jan-17 19:37:21

Our medium-sized rescue Collie Cross loves his Orvis dog bed.
They are expensive, but I think will last for years ( buy cheap, buy twice).

Noitsnotteatimeyet Sun 29-Jan-17 20:03:29

We got our dog a bed from Kip Dog Beds - it's a memory foam oval bolster and he seems to think it's very comfy

I was going to get him an Orvis one but at the time I wanted it they didn't have the design I was after in stock. This wasn't that much cheaper in the end, but he's had it for over a year now and it still looks good and has washed well

mrslaughan Sun 29-Jan-17 20:06:29

We have a giant breed and we got a bed from orvis - its quite hard to buy large enough dog beds

Bubble2bubble Sun 29-Jan-17 20:18:52

We have a mixture of Tuffies beds and a few of these which we cover with non slip vet bed since the puppies ate the nice expensive soft covers. ddogs seem to swap around depending on their mood. The nice thing about the raised beds is that you can also leave them outside in the summer like doggy sunloungers grin


honeyroar Sun 29-Jan-17 21:59:05

We have big plastic tubs (easily wiped down and don't get damp) as they seem to like beds with backs to curl up against, then a tuffies type waterproof pad inside (not Tuffies, a much cheaper brand, but still lasts well) which is also fairly waterproof, and then fleece blankets for them to snuggle in. These are their overnight beds in the kitchen. We needed waterproof, heavy duty as we have dogs that get wet a lot and muddy as we are on a farm.

In the living room we have padded fabric beds. (Photo included, but it needs changing now, looks grubby!)

StandardPoodle Tue 31-Jan-17 16:31:31

We have an oval plastic tub-type for both dogs.
-I may have lined it with thick foam and put a blanket over that and a small duvet in a washable cover over that-

StandardPoodle Tue 31-Jan-17 17:37:18

Should have said with regard to the foam rubber - neither dog is a chewer !

DailyMailDontStealMyThread Wed 01-Feb-17 23:06:12

Lovely photos and lots of ideas, thank you.

We don't have a chewer but she loves sitting in the garden In the mud all day long, rain or shine so her kitchen bed needs to be more robust than her living room one that she gets to sleep on once mud free and dry.

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ChippyDucks Wed 01-Feb-17 23:15:11

Kumfipet do brilliant waterproof beds that are very reasonable and free next day delivery. I've got a couple dotted around the house and they're ideal for my dog.

user1468957349 Sat 11-Feb-17 07:09:25

Another vote for Tuffies here. I have 2 and have had them years with no bother. Easy to keep clean with a GSD too and more recently the only bed a Boston Terrier hasn't managed to destroy (yet blush)

Whatdoiknow31 Sun 12-Feb-17 12:13:13

We have a HiK9 bed as his main bed. Not had it long but impressed so far. We bought the mesh version so it's breathable (previous bed got very smelly) and then bought the cosy cover which is also breathable. Both removable for washing and supposed to dry quickly.

Also like it as it supports his spine well (he had a back injury) and he had a habit of kicking any cushions out of the way in his old bed so in effect he ended up sleeping on the cold floor.

1frenchfoodie Sun 12-Feb-17 14:45:30

We have a bog plastic bed with a tuffies bed in for the lab and the lab x cocker has a vetbed type fleece thing in his crate because he started eating his tuffies. He gets the slightly nibbles tuffies back from time to time but can't resist having a go at it after a couple of weeks.

mimiasovitch Thu 16-Feb-17 22:22:17

Upstairs we have a big cushiony type one. It wasn't expensive, but she's outgrown it now so I need a new one anyway. I'll have a look at some of them mentioned here. Downstairs she hogs the sofas. She did have a bed downstairs, but all she did was hide toys under it, so it's now at dh's office.

Leeroy1798 Sat 18-Feb-17 13:42:31

Hi. If you are a member of Costco (or know anybody that's a member), they have really nice beds for around £35. They're round and measure roughly 100cm across. They're really tough (our two like to rake them into a comfy position). Our oldest bed is something like 1 1/2 years old and there's no wear on it. The cover unzips so you can wash it - we've even washed the plus lining before. For comparison, we have a medium sized greyhound plus a medium sized saluki cross and there's plenty of passing and room for them. Hope that helps.

user1477282676 Sat 18-Feb-17 13:44:23

We have a Maremma which is about as big as an Alsation...and DH made him a bed. It's like a wooden platform...or small box bed...half the size of a single bed really but wider. We got a foam cushion cut to fit and I made it a cover. He sleeps on that with two pillows and his bear.

OneWithTheForce Sat 18-Feb-17 13:46:29

Mine has the sofa grin

BiteyShark Sat 18-Feb-17 13:49:27

I have just got a waterproof bed from Kumfipet. It looks and feels way more expensive than it actually was so very impressed.

MardAsSnails Sat 18-Feb-17 13:54:35

Labrador as a beco bed


Sorry for the foreign link.

He loved it. Until he realised that he could sleep on the spare bed downstairs. He has now acquired an Ikea king size bed with orthopaedic mattress. Bastard.

chatnanny Sat 18-Feb-17 19:21:48

A "sumptuous mattress" from HugoandHenny.com: huge success!

GlassSeahorse Sat 18-Feb-17 19:29:17

I've had a few beds for our big dog. He's a chewer though and had destroyed a number of beds so I only buy cheap ones that can easily be replaced. He is also a bugger for rolling in filth so they need to be washable too. I tend to buy them from eBay or Poundstretcher.

I'd love to buy him a big plastic one and line it with blankets but I don't know if he'd just see that as a huge chewy challenge hmm.

dudsville Sun 19-Feb-17 07:59:57

We have a "dog doza". I don't know how to do pics or links but it's thick strong canvass filled with supportive thick layers.

MiaowTheCat Sun 19-Feb-17 11:20:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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