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Dog StreamZ collar

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Tippytappytoes Sun 29-Jan-17 09:48:55

Does anyone have one for their dog? Does it work? Have you seen improvement in your dog(s)?

Thewolfsjustapuppy Sun 29-Jan-17 16:16:40

Just googled them and I'm sorry but my normally quite insensitive bull shit radar went bonkers! I mean can you make any sense of their description of the "technology"?

Shambolical1 Fri 07-Apr-17 19:02:49

I've just bought one, so I'll let you know. I am sceptical, but it's the cost of one month's meds for my dog and those meds are now upsetting his tum (he has an inoperable back problem but is otherwise in good health and still enjoying life).

He will see his vet as normal and if different meds are offered then we will try those too; he will not miss out on any conventional treatment.

What has swung me to give this a go is a friend has a 'mag box' - a crate which has a generated magnetic field - which her dogs choose to get in (and often sleep in) if they are injured or sore or feeling poorly; they apparently feel better for it.

I fully realise the collar will not cure anything but if it helps him be more comfortable, all well and good; if it doesn't at least we tried.

Shambolical1 Wed 12-Apr-17 22:27:00

Well, day five of wearing the Dog Streamz collar and I don't understand how or why it works but there is a definite improvement in my dog.

As I've said, his back problem is inoperable and nothing can be done about his gradual loss of control of his back legs... He's thirteen (and a quarter).

BUT. He is chirpier than he's been for a while; he's hopping on and off the sofa much more easily; he now enjoys a damn good shake (shaking was making him squeak before and you would see him hold back, like a person with sore ribs who needs to cough). He stood up in the car and asked to have the window open for the first time in ages and gets in and out of the vehicle with ease. He has stopped being restless at night, a common arthritis symptom. He's even had a few canters round the garden.

People with no idea of the purpose of his new collar have remarked on the difference in him.

Make of it what you will but he's definitely a more comfortable dog. He's off the painkillers which were upsetting his tum and no other drugs have been given. He has YuMove supplements and his collar and at the moment, that's it.

I'm tempted to try the human version as I've nothing to lose but possibly some symptoms of my own health problems.

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