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New rescue dog with attention seeking behaviour?

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sananbaz Sat 28-Jan-17 21:20:21

I am the proud owner of an approx 18 month old female chihuahua cross. Came from a rescue 3 weeks ago, no history. She was very hand shy with us to start - now ok, but still very wary and hand shy with everyone else. Is house trained, and no separation anxiety (sleeps downstairs with no fuss). Didn't know any commands, but progressing well with training (sit, down, wait, leave going well). Does like to pilfer clean washing and take to bed, but doesn't guard it!
Now the issue - she has started pulling the rug from the back door, which I think started as her trying to take it to her bed. Small pieces started to pull off, and now she does this frequently. Have tried calling her and rewarding her for coming, distracting and offering something she can chew, both of which only work temporarily. I removed the mat, but now she has started on the carpet! She only does it when we're at home and in the room, and often looks at us before doing it! Is this attention seeking?? She has four walks a day, chews, filled Kong, buster cube, daily training sessions and access to the garden. She greets us politely in the morning and when we come home, doesn't beg at the table and sleeps well from about 8.30pm onwards (in her bed or next to us on the sofa). For a rescue dog, she is doing so well, but I just don't get the carpet chewing! Tonight we were in the middle of a game of fetch and she stopped to start chewing the carpet - I don't get it! Does anyone have any ideas please??

thisismyfirsttime Sat 28-Jan-17 21:45:37

Have you tried opening the back door every time she does it? If you have I'd try going over and standing on the bits she's biting at and saying 'No!' Firmly so she knows not to after trying to distract her. Not making it a game but making it clear she can't lift the carpet in front of you.

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