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Recomendation please for good dog trainer/ behaviourist in London

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ArseholeDog Thu 26-Jan-17 13:30:35

Hi all,

I have adopted a (usually) sweet rescue. Unfortunately she came from a bad situation prior, and as a consequence has some sporadic issues with male fear aggression, and also towards large dogs (though sometimes small as well). She is approx 12kg, so on the smaller side. She is loads better than when we got her initially, but these are now the residual issues.

We fostered her originally, and the reason we adopted her was partially as I was worried what might happen to her if adopted out, if the new owners didn't manage her behaviour adequately / keep her safe. By this I mean really keeping her on a leash, and being aware of her body language / hackles , not letting unknown men try pat her etc. I was also worried her behaviour might regress if placed in an entirely new surroundings again, where whe would be less sure of herself.
We love her, she is an absolute sweetheart. But we live close to a park with tons of dogs, and I would really love to improve the dog fear issues. She will play like a lunatic with some dogs that she meets and loves (one of which is a husky - go figure) , but other times when in a more nervous disposition she will try lunge at/ attack dogs if they approach her, or if they follow her once she walks away.
Basically, she needs some further help, which I would guess to involve stoodge dogs and people (men), and I don't have the expertise/resources to help her with these issues. I can't practice on other peoples's dogs! So I need a professional!

Can anyone please recomend a good dog behaviourist / trainer in London that would be able to work with her on these issues? Google brings up a bewildering array of results, and I'd prefer a personal recomendation as dog behaviourists / 1-1 training doesn't come cheap.
I am in East London but am prepared to travel if required. Thanks!

LilCamper Thu 26-Jan-17 13:56:45

Aquick search on PPGBI brings these up. They are all modern, up to date and science based. PPGBI

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