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Poor dog I can't afford his daycare anymore

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Twopeapods Thu 26-Jan-17 10:45:14

I have a very very nervous rescue podenco from Spain. He adores dogs and will play all day, it is still even after one year petrified of people. He has to meet and get to know someone very well before he trusts them
He has been going to daycare one day per week for about 8 months but due to my work being very very quiet this time of year (self employed) I can't afford it. It costs £25 per day and you have to buy passes in bulk so I just can't do it right now. Will he get depressed with missing his doggy friends? He absolutely loves it there and adores even the humans there and he has come out his shell lots since starting. I only know one friend that has a dog but we only meet up about once a month with the dogs. Alternative ideas? I usually walk him in places where there are other dogs so he sometimes gets a run around and a play.

Portillolovestrains Thu 26-Jan-17 10:48:06

Firstly, you are lovely to rescue him, I follow groups on fb that rescue these poor dogs and you have saved him from a horrible life.
I have a rescued Greek dog who has a similar background, so I sort of understand where you are coming from.
Is there a local fb page that you could post on? Lots have dog walking meet ups near me.
Hope work picks up soon too.

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