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Wise and experienced dog owners... your advice please

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fatowl Mon 23-Jan-17 23:10:44

We are first time dog owners- we rescued an elderly retriever bitch last March.

We are not in the UK - we live in Asia.

She is lovely, gentle, hardly ever barks, obedient, very loving.
She came from a family who had rescued her from a horrible 'shelter'. That family lost their job and had to move from their house to a small apartment and couldn't take her. When they got her in 2014, she was underweight and had been caged for a long time. She is also prone to getting sore skin. Other than that - we don't know her history. The vet thinks she's about 9.

She is fully house trained- but will not wee if out for a walk, she will only go at home (which is OK), but she is so scared of the rain, she will wee inside the house rather than go out in the rain. She will not go out even if it has stopped raining, but the grass is still wet.
SHe is able to hold her wee for hours - so if it's raining she will hold it, but then seems to get 'caught short'. If I take her out, she will literally sit and look at me (just under the patio- she will not go out unless actually pushed out - and then will still not wee). Tempting her onto the grass with a treat doesn't work. We praise her when she does wee on the grass.

We think she has probably been kept outside at some point (many people keep their dogs outside) - and has been left out in the rain, which makes the reluctance to get wet understandable but what can I do?
SHe doesn't mind being bathed - so it is the rain rather than being wet if you see what I mean.

yetwig Tue 24-Jan-17 15:31:55

Could you buy her a coat, my greyhound will only go out in the rain to have a wee if she wears one. She can hold on for hours too but my vet said it can cause kidney problems in older dogs.

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