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Blood in poo. Help please!

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TinkerStinker Sun 22-Jan-17 22:30:47

Back story.
Weds....very lethargic, off food, diarrhoea.
Thurs...a little better. Happy to walk/play. Eating chicken and rice.
Fri...normal but poo very loose still.
Sat...normal but alongside a loose poo passed a mucus type substance with blood in.
Called said that given she's fine in herself and eating/drinking not to worry and to phone again Monday if I was still worried.
Today....a little tired...slept Alot this afternoon. Eaten a small amount of food. Probably happily have more but she's just been unable to hold not only a loose poo but again we had mucus and blood.

She's a small jrt type and the mucus is at most a teaspoon .

Will call vets again first thing but I'm worried and don't want to Google.
Any ideas?

Dog currently asleep but up until poo was happy playing and running riot.

tabulahrasa Sun 22-Jan-17 22:34:37

The blood and mucus is just another symptom of whatever has upset her stomach, it's just showing it's all irritated and inflamed.

I'd be looking for an appointment tomorrow as that's been 5 days, but it's not something I'd panic about.

Usermuser Mon 23-Jan-17 10:20:28

My dog had this recently -lethargic, and poos ranging from very loose to firm but bloody and slimy. We think he caught something from another dog. It took him just over a week to get over it completely. Vet gave him probiotics and that seemed to clear it up. Hope yours gets better soon too. I'm sure he will.

StandardPoodle Mon 23-Jan-17 17:55:19

I agree with tabulahrasa - don't panic but do go to the vet. We were veterans of loose/bloody/mucusy poo with our old girl and antibiotics, a steroid injection and if necessary an anti-emetic worked wonders.

LumelaMme Mon 23-Jan-17 20:54:05

Age? I have an elderly terrier (14 and a half) who is very prone to mild stomach upsets and blood in poo.

MrsHouseBrownie Thu 26-Jan-17 21:18:43

Hi, not sure if your dog is well now but were had same sort of problems when ours was chewing Rhododendron sticks ( we were removing a bush in the garden and she managed to get some of the sticks).
Removed the sticks and residue, dog got better. Vet was consulted too.

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