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Water intake on prednisone

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WingsAloft Sun 22-Jan-17 03:32:02

I have a new foster lab (probably actually lab/mastiff) weighing around 33kg. He's nearly 10 and covered in hot spots so he's been put on pred and a few other medications four days ago..

I've been monitoring his water intake and he's on track to drink 10 litres or more in a day. His previous carer said he was drinking a lot before starting on the pred but she doesn't know how much so I can't judge how much his intake has increased. He wees a LOT.

I know the pred increases urination and drinking, but 10 litres seems absurd. How worried should I be?

WingsAloft Sun 22-Jan-17 03:33:10

Correction: The medications started 3 days ago, not 4.

Tamberlane Sun 22-Jan-17 04:52:16

Pred does causes excessive drinking and urination.
The degree of this side effect depends on the individual animal and often on the dose rate involved.If hes on a short term tapering/reducing course it is not something to be massively concerned about in most cases.
However if there are other issues going on a repeat exam and bloods may be required to get to the bottom of the issue.

I would have a chat to the vet who seen him last and see what they think..if hes been on it a few days they might advise dropping his dose range down etc.

WingsAloft Sun 22-Jan-17 05:40:18

So 10 litres could be reasonable on pred?

I won't be able to speak to the vet that prescribed it until they reopen tomorrow. They're not local to me and I'm not the one who took him there. He's due to see a vet closer to me on Friday.

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