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Rescue dog - advice please!!

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SilverLego Sat 21-Jan-17 14:34:06

We collected our lovely rescue boy late last night. He's between 1 and 2, so quite young still, and at his foster mother's he was sleeping on her bed. We don't want to continue this for various reasons - but I'm not sure what to do. Last night was the first night and he slept on the sofa with me. He has a lovely, comfy new bed and we want him to be in it.
What should we do this evening? Shit him away in a room with his bed, alone? I think he would cry for hours and the last thing I want to do is damage him (he was abandoned in the past).
I was thinking of having his bed on the floor next to me (with me on the sofa) and not letting him up on the sofa - constantly encouraging him to settle in his bed - but this might take all night, plus if I fall asleep I imagine he will jump up anyway!
Any advice, please? Our last dog was a puppy who had no pre-expectations!

picklemepopcorn Sat 21-Jan-17 14:36:40

We had a dog who would at intervals get insecure and refuse to sleep downstairs- after he'd been in kennels etc.

We put his bed in our room, then outside our door, then downstairs. He'd stay there for a while, but if I went away for a few days he'd regress and come back in.

SilverLego Sat 21-Jan-17 14:58:55

Thank you - I will definitely try having his bed next to the sofa tonight and I'll fill a kong just before bed as well.
He's busy trying to hide his bone right now grin

debbs77 Sat 21-Jan-17 15:02:59

Could you try a crate? I always use crates (on recommendation) for a rescue dog

Gingersstuff Sat 21-Jan-17 21:47:36

We let our rescue sleep on the bed with us for the first few nights til he was a bit more settled in the household as a whole. Then introduced him to the sofas with our other dogs. He was a bit anxious for a few nights but we just kept getting up and sitting with him for a bit on the sofa til settled again. It took a few goes!
Please remember that most rescue dogs will be disorientated and he won't know whether he's coming or going for a while; anything you can do to make him feel more comfortable in himself in this initial period will pay dividends in the future.

Ceaser1981 Sun 22-Jan-17 12:10:19

I rescued a Staffy and initially put his bed outside our bedroom in the hall, he would constantly come into the room during the night and wouldnt settle. He started sleeping on the floor in our room so after a couple if nights we moved his bed into our room and he sleeps down the side of the bed next to me. Hes such a sensitive sole and always follows one of us around the house, nicknamed shadow now. Some dogs just need that comfort of being with you or near you. He gets on the bed at night until we are ready to sleep then he goes into his own bed, which he loves as its memory foam and i tuck him in under a blanket as he really feels the cold. Spoiled i know but hes such a good dog.

Madeiramosaic Sun 22-Jan-17 14:30:30

Maybe put a little cloth with your scent on it in his bed with him, it may help.

Sugarpiehoneyeye Sun 22-Jan-17 18:56:02

Could you go to bed as normal OP, perhaps put his bed on the landing.
Please bear in mind, that not all dogs like sleeping in a dog bed.
I wouldn't give him a Kong at bedtime, although Zi know you mean well.

daisygirlmac Sun 22-Jan-17 19:02:11

We fostered a rescue a few years back and really really didn't want her upstairs as we're a dogs downstairs house! We put her bed in the kitchen (stairs off the kitchen to come upstairs so we could hear) and closed the door to the staircase so she couldn't come up. Each time she cried one of us went down to the door and said shush, it's ok, settle down but didn't actually go into the room so not interacting too much. She took a couple of weeks to get it but it did work. I think the more you give the expectation they can sleep alongside you the harder it gets to break that habit

debbs77 Mon 23-Jan-17 12:29:35

My rescue dog and the dog I fostered, had crates. It was recommended by the rescue as it is their safe place to go to. When I fostered, he cried all night for the first night. I just gently shushed him from upstairs. The second n8ce I gave him my t shirt and he settled quickly. Third night onwards he didn't cry at all xx

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