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Neighbours Barking Dog and noises

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WetNovemberDay Mon 16-Jan-17 08:58:12

Im posting in here for some advice from dog lovers. Would like to say i like dogs. Have had them in the past but no longer in a position to have my own.
My neighbours are lovely and really love their dog a scruffy terrier (not sure of breed). They both work full time although Mr Ndn comes home occassionally during the day to take the dog out or sometimes seems to finish work quite early. The dog is genersally very good but over the past year ive noticed an increase in door rattling shaking frequently in the daytime and sometimes on an evening if the dog has been left alone. I dont know whether its the dog having a scratch whilst leaning against some of their internal doors or even dry humping them. Its annoying and has increased. Ive considered ssying something a few times but gor the sake of good nrighbourly relations have let it go for now.
The 2nd problem is just before xmas i had a note through the door from them saying "please dont worry if you hear a dog crying, its my sisters dog we're looking after".
At the time i hadnt heard any dog crying or anything other than usual the thumping sound. So forgot all about it until this weekend really.
There has been high pitched barking/yapping on and off. Ive heard a little yapping now and again since xmas but not enough to get annoyed. We,ve had a busy house all weekend and tbh i thought it was seagulls to start with as its high pitched. However, last night i sat down at 6pm to chill out (ive had guests since before xmas)and it was constant. Turned tv up and almost drowned it out. Went to bed 10pm and it was yapping like no tomorrow. I fell asleep to the yapping at 1.40am ish sad. They were obviously trying hard as there were short gaps between the barking.
Ive got up this morning. First day off in weeks. Ive got house to myself ( first time since 9th Dec) and i just want to catch up with my tv and mong out tbh. Tomorrow i have an essay to write at home then im back in to work and college from Wednesday. All i can hear is the puppy/dog yapping. Ive looked out and both their cars have gone. They ll be at work all day. It will be atleast 1pm if Mr ndn pops back today and may only be a 10 minute visit to let them in the garden.
Any advice or words of wisdom from any if you? How do i approach these issues or should i leave it a bit longer before speaking to them. How would you eant to be aaproached?
They are lovely neighbours and id hate to upset or offend them but this high pitched yapping is hard to take snd pretty much constant. Even when it pauses i think i csn still hear it iykwim.

JoffreyBaratheon Mon 16-Jan-17 13:12:15

I'd approach them - not in the spirit of complaining but just"Oh we really like you and your dog and are a bit concerned as he's barking when left alone..." Maybe they're unaware?

WetNovemberDay Mon 16-Jan-17 15:43:35

Thats along the lines i was thinking. As it was i gave up and went out. They were home by the time i git in but seem to have gone dog walking now. Ill see how tonight goes and approach as concerned if need be.
Thank you. They are lovely people i just dont want to upset them.

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