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Daily routine

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Empress13 Sun 15-Jan-17 17:58:02

Just musing and wondered how others plan their days with dogs.

Weekdays routine with my 10 month puppy is:
5.30/6am - Get up let him out for wee and feed him.
7.15 - take him for run in park (approx 30 mins as I work)
Rest of morning he sleeps, plays with kong, toys etc.
1pm - DH takes him out for another long walk in woods with fetching games etc.
5pm - he has his dinner.
6.30 - 7.00 - I take him for final walk on road.
11.00 - goes out in garden for wee before bed.

On weekends it's different he is like my little shadow LOL and gets taken out to various parks/ walks around canal for a good 2 hours or so.

What do you do?

scotchbunny Tue 17-Jan-17 11:39:27

8 month old pup here. Our household gets up in between 715 and 745 mon to fri. She then eventually gets up as we do and goes into garden for wee.
On My non working days her first walk of the day is 830 down to the school and back which is a 30 min round trip for her.

Then she tends to sleep all morning till 11 ish. At that point I take her to park where there are lots of dogs to run around with.

Another afternoon snooze then back to school at 3.
Rest of time is pottering, snoozing, playing with kids and most evenings at 7 ish a final walk round the block. Then she sleeps all evening and night. She is put into garden for last wee at 1030/11

2 days I work she is excercised before everyone leaves and we have a relative that comes for 2 hours in middle of day.

Weekends we all go out on an outing, hills, beaches, wood walks etc. She definitely enriches our family!

dudsville Fri 20-Jan-17 21:16:53

I've got an 8 yr old. 5.30 she goes for a wee and breakfast. Doesn't matter to her in the slightest if it's a work day or not and we've got used to it! Work days she gets a walk around 10 and a walk around 2. I'm home at 5.30 and she wees and eats dinner. Non work days is one big walk at some point in the day and she goes on any trips to shops. Evenings are a big love in. She is my shadow, and adores being groomed, and as a long hair cocker spaniel it's a daily necessity. 8.30/9 is the last toilet trip and she sleeps with us and sleeps through.

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