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1 year old pup peeing in the house again

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ReallyNotMyProblem Sat 14-Jan-17 13:16:18

We have a French bulldog, she was 1 in September and we have owned her since she was 9 weeks.

She's always been very stubborn and wasn't house trained until 6 months, you couldn't take your eyes off of her until that point or she would toilet.

The past few weeks she has started peeing in the house again, only when my partner isn't home. It's not a full wee and shes being let out regularly, no signs of infection etc.

I don't know what to do! It's not that she isn't getting enough attention as it seems the more attention I give her, the more she does it. Its really wearing me down, not to mention ruining the floors.

Does anyone have any similar experience?

Stressedoutchild Sun 15-Jan-17 17:39:45


So ..
Most people would say do this

1. make sure your dog does not have a UTI... I think because it is only when someone is away this is unlikely

2. marking. not a full pee but squat and dribble by female dogs can be marking ... may need work on relationship. She may feel more empowered and brave enough to mark when other person is away

If those two issues are not the fix then she needs to go back to square 1 of potty training. Yep, all over again. Set backs happen.

Also make sure you clean it very well where she has marked/peed with enzymatic cleaner. If it is always one spot after cleaning it very very well place a small bowl or paper plate with few peices of food or a chair/box over it to 1. make it a home/eating place 2. not accessible, even if she eats the kibble bit put 2-3 peices of dry food on it occasionally for a week few times a day. You want to show her the whole home is a home / inside special good place where rest play and food happens and soiling it is not acceptable.

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