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pennygirl26 Fri 13-Jan-17 11:43:06

How much does everyone pay for the dogs insurance? Have you ever claimed? I've just had renewal and it's doubled. Thinking I maybe should shop around this time.

LaGattaNera Fri 13-Jan-17 12:25:45

It does depend on age of dog and yes it often pays to shop around - I have always had oldies and used Tesco and LV - got a 25% 1st year discount with Tesco although despite no claims for that particular dog it went up alot in year two so went to LV. Claimed with Tesco for 2 other dogs and found that the treatment cost thousands compared to the monthly premium which I think was around £100 per month total for 2 elderly greyhounds. Would never not have it but would compare each year. However, if dog is in middle of treatment it often pays to stay with insurer as most of the time new one will exclude that condition. Excess £60 with both LV and Tesco

pennygirl26 Fri 13-Jan-17 12:29:05

I'm with more than just now and it's £100 excess.have never claimed with them and my dog is 3.5 years.been quoted just over £200 feel it's a little expensive. Looks like shopping about then. Thank you

LaGattaNera Fri 13-Jan-17 12:34:26

wow only 3.5 years and over £200 - no way! Ok the size & breed affect things too so a Great Dane would be loads compared to a small dog but yes def shop around. Some aren't on comparison sites eg the supermarkets' insurance. Found both Tesco & LV quick payers. At the time as well as the 25% discount Tesco also gave me some vouchers not sure how much may be £30.

LaGattaNera Fri 13-Jan-17 12:35:42

oh I assumed you meant £200 per month - do you?

tabulahrasa Fri 13-Jan-17 12:37:24

I pay £120 a month and have claimed about 20k in 4 years.

KinkyAfro Fri 13-Jan-17 14:00:35

£25/month with Sainsbury, have claimed about £9000 in the 4 years we've had doggy

Poppypooch Fri 13-Jan-17 20:15:48

I have always been with Kennel Club (over 10 years) but premiums for 1 dog went from £84 per month to £110 and the other dog from £37 to £45 I have never claimed for either dog. I did a comparison and got the same cover as I had, both dogs together now cost just over £60, huge saving a month, more toys and treats for furry friends grin

ScaryMonstersandSuperCreeps Fri 13-Jan-17 20:32:31

I pay over £50 a month for Bumbledog with Petplan. A few years ago I had to choose between cutting my Sky package or my pet insurance due to money cutbacks. I reduced the Sky and less than two months later he was rushed to The AHT at Newmarket with vestibular disease. That little visit cost Petplan £2400!!!! shock I paid the first £100 and the bill was paid to the AHT very quickly!!!!

Setterlover Fri 13-Jan-17 20:58:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScaryMonstersandSuperCreeps Fri 13-Jan-17 21:13:08

Setterlover That's exactly the same as I have for Bumbledog!

justdontevenfuckingstart Fri 13-Jan-17 21:19:00

Setter I have £18 a month for my cairnish with Petplan very happy. We have pedigree Rott with Directline for about £40 a month, they were brilliant when Sam had problems. Kennel Club prices were ridiculous.

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