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save lots of money on overpriced vet pills.

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wishparry Fri 13-Jan-17 11:29:24

My dog has had really sore paws for so long now.after numerous trips to the vets,and hundreds and hundreds of pounds spent on strong antibiotics through the vets,we really thought we would have to give our dog up as we just couldn't afford it anymore.
when we got a bit upset at the vets about the expense,she told us she would write a prescription for us for £15,and we could get the pills cheaper ourselves online.
I went to an online company selling pet medication, placed my order and uploaded the prescription and couldn't believe how much cheaper it was!
I ended up getting 30 tablets for £89.40 online.
The last order I made at the vets was for only 7 tablets and the price for those 7 tablets from the vets was £49.02.
I think it's unbelievable the mark up the vets make on these please if your dog has an ongoing health issue they need medication for and you can't afford it,please just ask your vet for a prescription so you can get cheaper online.
just thought I'd share this as I had no idea you could buy them online.

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