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Cheaper way of buying flea tablets and worming tablets

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Wellhellothere1 Wed 11-Jan-17 15:20:48

Just back from the vet and paid an eye watering £91 for 6 months supply of Bravecto (fluralaner for flea and tick prevention) and Milpro (clindamycin oxime and praziquantel for worms). I wondered if anyone knew of a cheaper way of giving these to my dog. She's a year and a half but I'm a first time dog owner learning as I go along. I will continue to but these from the vet but don't really know enough about these medicines to try and buy elsewhere.

Whitney168 Wed 11-Jan-17 17:03:49

You can buy vet-standard wormers online from any vet pharmacy and they will be much cheaper (although I'm not familiar with the specific one you mention).

Bravecto is prescription only, so you would need to look at costs online including whatever your vet charges to write a prescription and work out whether it's worth the bother.

Ylvamoon Wed 11-Jan-17 17:39:50

I second what Whitney168 said about worm treatment, have a look online. Just always read the description & label to ensure it covers what you want / need.

Flea treatment: do good house keeping; wash dog beds regularly at 60*C or above to kill the eggs. Use a good household flea spray regular on dogs bedding, carpets, under radiator and other furnishings where dog spends any amount of time.
Also, bath dog regularly! (I personally don't believe in flea tablets, as prevention. They only kill the adult by poisoning them, leaving the eggs behind.)

ADishBestEatenCold Wed 11-Jan-17 19:31:36

First of all, can I say that I have not yet used Bravecto. I am only repeating what I heard from an acquaintance, and have not yet personally checked this out.

Acquaintance buys Bravecto online from sites such as this but even then says it is expensive.
So instead of buying a single dose for her dog who weighs 17kg, giving him 12 weeks protection at a cost of about £18, she buys a single dose for a dog of 40kg, then she halves it, thus giving her two doses, and 24 weeks protection for £20, for her 17kg dog.

MarcoPoloCX Wed 11-Jan-17 20:33:25

I used Advocate and Drontal.
My vet charges £10 for the prescription note for Advocate. (12 months)
I get everything online.
Cheaper than at the vets.

Wellhellothere1 Wed 11-Jan-17 20:41:07

Thank you everyone for the advice. I'll spend a bit of time and have a look online and hopefully save some money. God knows she costs me enough already!

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