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10 Month old Whippet with Alarming Symptoms

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JemimaHoward1 Mon 09-Jan-17 11:29:39

Hi I have a 10 month old whippet Ivy and she shown some very strange symptoms recently. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas what might be the issue thanks. I have a whippet who on NYE looked like she was scared to walk up and down the stairs. but then cried when you touched her ears. She then developed an upset tummy so I took her to the vets. She has a tempreature, they said it was a neck injury gave her an antiinflammatory injection and sent her home with metacam. The next day she started being sick (so I didnt give her the metacam) and rang the vets. They told me to come back, they switched to tramadol and gave her a neurphenene (sounds like) but it wacked her out more than it should. They scheduled her for a lumbar puncture and xray, for the next day, saying neck injuries can cause meningitus. When I got home she stopped eating or drinking and was sick more. The next day I explained what happened and they put her on a drip and phoned me to say they decided to test her blood first as she no longer had a tempreature which is crucial to meningitus and didnt want to stress her even more with unecessary sedation and prodding. The bloods came back clear and the specialist neck physio was in visiting another dog. They asked her to look at Ivy and did therapy on her. She confirmed it was a neck injury and they sent Ivy home. She is now on diazipan and tramadol. She then wet her self in her sleep and can no longer focus on anything wobbling around and only able to take 10 steps before falling over. She is now only drinking when I syringe her and I have to hand feed her peices of chicken etc.. She has lost so much wieght she is on malnutrition paste. The only positive is that she ate for the first time last night and didnt wee, so I am hoping it was a one off. Anyone experienced the same? Any tips?

Floralnomad Mon 09-Jan-17 14:03:03

How have they confirmed a neck injury , has she had X-rays and an MRI ? , personally I would want to know what the 'neck physio' had done as I would have thought it was completely irresponsible to do any kind of physio / manipulation without an absolute diagnosis . I would be back at the vets / at a different vet getting an MRI if she were mine .

sarahwilliams24 Mon 09-Jan-17 16:07:26

FloralNomad Hi thank you so much for replying its such a worrying time. They confirmed neck injury through ROI Range of motion tests. wincing and refusing to move at lots of different points on the right hand side. of her neck and shoulder. Unfortunately they said xrays only show breaks, so they felt it was unesscary stress for the whippet to sedate and give her one. I have been quoted that the minimum for a mri is 3k if they accompany it with any other tests it just goes up. insurance will only cover 1k for an injury. It's awful not knowing if things will improve. Thanks again

sarahwilliams24 Mon 09-Jan-17 16:08:02

^ @FloralNomad

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