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Tips for introducing the lead for the first time?

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BabyTheCaveLion Fri 06-Jan-17 14:28:39

We've got an 11 week old Staffy x Yorkie, picked him up a few days ago. I've read a good puppy training book and feel like I'm doing an ok job so far with our first puppy. He's picking up the basics of house training (although still getting a few accidents), sit and lie down. He hates having the crate door shut at the moment but happily sleeps in it in our bedroom as long as the door is open.

What the book doesn't seem to cover though is introducing the lead. He's not fully vaxxed yet so can't go for 'proper' walks but would ideally like to get him used to the lead in the house and garden so that he's good on the lead as soon as possibly. Any tips?

arbrighton Fri 06-Jan-17 14:35:08

has he got collar on and used to it?

Start by just attaching the lead then carry on playing- they have to get used to the weight and feel first. Then 'walk' in the house and garden.

Remember once you do start going out, it's roughly 5 min per month of age per walk to avoid stress on joints.

And don't expect them to 'get it' straight away. Ripple used to just plant feet after we'd crossed the road and not move for a fair while. Then we had a phase of 'I will just walk on my back legs as it's all so exciting and I can't get to it'

A treat/ thing of interest by your side to help to 'walk close' or other word you choose and try not to allow pulling to start is good. You could try that without the lead round the house too. We only really use lead now at start of walks when she's a bit too keen to sit and wait to cross the road- I often don't bother clipping her back on when we come back to just cross a road as she does more or less walk to heel now, especially if there's a treat in my left hand

BabyTheCaveLion Fri 06-Jan-17 14:40:18

Thanks for the reply. Yes he's good with his collar. If he starts biting and playing with the lead when it's attached do I tell him 'no' and attempt to distract him? Or let him play with it to get him used to it?

arbrighton Mon 09-Jan-17 15:31:52

Let him get used to it, leave it if he's biting/ playing then praise when he stops and remove. Gradually build up time.

Best to not even bring attention to it as he'll be just 'trying it out'/ investigating.

Wolfiefan Mon 09-Jan-17 15:38:18

Have a look at the FB group dog training advice and support if you are on FB. I've found some of their advice really very helpful.

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