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Questions about spaying my dog

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Deadnettle Wed 04-Jan-17 19:52:54

My bitch is due to be spayed soon and I have some questions. I will be asking the vet but thought I would get other opinions too. I am also worrying about spaying her a lot as we lost our last 2 dogs at 4 and 5 years of age.

My dog is a 1 1/2 year old miniature poodle who's had 2 seasons.

My dog has bad seperation anxiety that requires more work, I read somewhere that spaying may make it worse and that its best to wait until after successful behaviour modification before spaying. Do you agree/disagree? I was going to ask a behavourist but the one recommended has just had a baby and I haven't found anyone else yet.

Will the vets take the SA into account when spaying her? If she is spayed at the local vets and has a bad experience it will ruin all vet appointments for the rest of her life.

If my dog doesn't eat, she vomits up bile. When she is feeling sick she will often eat anything (but food), toys, bedding, stones, plants and if she doesn't have access to anything she will pull out her fur and eat that. I'm worried that being starved for the op will make her sick which may be dangerous. Does anyone know what, if anything the vets could do for this?

Where would you get your dog spayed?

Vet 1 is local, your normal practice. The vet who will spay your dog is known to be an exellent surgeon but you don't like or trust them after a bad experience with a previous dog. This vet has also never met your current dog as you always ask to see the other vet at the practice.

Vet 2 is about 35 minutes aways, has more experience than vet 1 and is likely to be cheaper. Vet 2 has the benefit that if your dog is traumatised by the experience she will be unlikely to ever go there again.


tabulahrasa Wed 04-Jan-17 22:28:19

You'll be able to arrange to stay with her until she's sedated and go get her not long after she's come round if that helps... I had to do that when mine was neutered (because of a different behavioural issue).

arbrighton Thu 05-Jan-17 11:12:15

Ours is also miniature poodle with some anxiety. Definitely more wary of strangers after spaying. But no question of not doing it as she was SO miserable when in season and there's an entire male in extended family and even now, he takes an interest in her.

We went to local vet as it's a big 'animal hospital' place and offered keyhole. She's not that keen on going back in these days but not awful.

Ours doesn't eat when anxious so can't help with that one, sorry. However, since spaying, she's at least had a better appetite and been less fussy so she's a healthy weight rather than thin.

But, presuming you feed her dinner then take her in first thing in the morning, you could ask for them to do it early on in order to avoid that.

Sorry, I don't understand why losing your other two dogs impacts on the decision for spaying this one- what am I missing.

Deadnettle Thu 05-Jan-17 11:33:37

Thanks tabulahrasa thats good to know.

If she doesn't eat by 8 am she's sick so asking the vets to spay her early may not be early enough. When is the cut off point for feeding dogs the night before an op?

Arbrighton every operation carries a risk that something may go wrong and we've had such bad luck with dogs that I am anxious about putting her though such surgery when its not life saving, especially when she is totally unfazed by her seasons.

JoffreyBaratheon Thu 05-Jan-17 12:43:21

I'd be tempted to go the vet 2 option. But that said I once had a dog who was very afraid of the vets and she knew (smell?) it was a vet's wherever we took her...

My dog was spayed at 6 months back at the rescue (about 25 miles from here). It was surprisingly quick and untraumatic. And she was back to her old self by the next day - not sure why she recovered so fast. She is also a nervy dog, but she doesn't seem to mind the vet. She gets a bit trembly but she kisses them!

Deadnettle Thu 05-Jan-17 14:12:51

Thanks Joffrey I'm tempted with vet 2 as well. We're planning a keyhole spay and until last month only vet 2 did them so there was no choice.

The dog already shakes and tries to run away at the vets because they had to make her vomit after she ate something she shouldn't so I really don't want her to have anymore negative associations with the place!

tabulahrasa Thu 05-Jan-17 18:14:21

Mine knows when he's at a vets even when he's at one he's never been to before.

Deadnettle Thu 05-Jan-17 18:43:28

So far she only shakes when she see's the actual vet and gets in the examination rooms. She likes everyone else and the waiting room as she gets cuddles. I really want to keep it that way.

StandardPoodle Mon 09-Jan-17 16:13:56

I'm on my fourth poodle over 40 plus years. The second girl was spayed as an emergency at 7 (womb infection). The third was spayed 3 months after her first season. Neither had separation anxiety so I can't help on that I'm afraid, but it didn't seem to affect their temperament. Both were a little timid with strangers until they got to know them. Our current poodle is a boy and was neutered at 15 months. The vet said no food after 10pm the night before. At my vet's, you stay with them in the morning until the sedative they're given starts to take effect.
I'd personally use vet 2.
I hope all goes well for you. Try not to worry (difficult I know).
Even with the girls, I was amazed how quickly they recovered - after 48 hours they wanted to be going walks. (And we won't even mention the lunatic boy - keeping him quiet was a nightmare!)

Deadnettle Mon 09-Jan-17 17:26:46

Thanks StandardPoodle.

I glad so many people are saying they got to stay with their dogs until the sedative takes effect as this wasn't our experience when we got our collie done. I will make sure it happens with this dog though.

I think the biggest issue is going to be the vomiting on an empty stomach thing. Its very carefully managed but if a meal is even 15 minutes late she can be very very ill.

Even with the girls, I was amazed how quickly they recovered - after 48 hours they wanted to be going walks. (And we won't even mention the lunatic boy - keeping him quiet was a nightmare!)

My dog is the laziest dog ever, keeping her quiet will not be a problem!

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