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Dog been abused

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Ilovecaindingle Sat 31-Dec-16 16:15:48

I am currently stuck with a dog I got myself involved with after a relationship break up of a couple of know. Let's be clear I love this dog - known it the whole 3 years they had it(from about 3 months old) tho didn't see too regularly. Weren't the best of owners imo but that wasn't my business - nothing nasty just not how I have my dogs. He is OK with my dogs but not to the point of keeping him long term. Dogs separated most of the time as don't want him too cosy here. Now for the problem.
It has come to light that he has been physically abused. His manner over these past two months had been anxious, but my dh appeared with a pan from the pantry the other day and he fled under the table. Other slight issues with behaviour and protecting his toys /blanket /lead. He has been through a lot losing his home and owners. Like i presume most dogs he gets under foot occasionally when excited etc. He has a habit of catching my boot out on a walk and howling.
Last night he had what seemed like an anxiety /panic attack when he clashed with my boot . I didn't even stand down with my foot just made contact with his. He was literally screaming and howling for several minutes.His face was sheer terror. I bent down and cuddled him and soothed him. My neighbours were at their windows with all the noise. I have a few dog rescue workers who are trying to help me rehome him as i didn't want him in a kennel environment - is he now too traumatised to rehome or will I find a good home he can learn to trust again? He knows I love him and I do and am struggling to know he can't stay here but realistically can he be saved? In tears now - thanks for reading.

Dragongirl10 Sat 31-Dec-16 16:25:14

Oh the poor dog, l have had dogs all my life and it sounds like he has been hit or kicked.

There is no reason why he cannot be rehomed with someone patient and calm and preferrably no kids.

Try facebook and advertise in your local area. He does not sound aggressive just scared but that can be got over with retraining and the right environment. Is he a large breed?

Well done for trying so hard for him

Thattimeofyearagain Sat 31-Dec-16 16:27:53

No advice just my best wishes for you and your dh for trying to help the poor love. flowers

Ilovecaindingle Sat 31-Dec-16 16:38:00

Thanks. I feel so bad he has to go but time and space are already limited with 3 dogs. He is a lurcher /collie cross and lovely with the kids. Have had a couple of potential homes which fell through but too aware Xmas wasn't ideal to ad a dog.
Fingers crossed new year =new home.
Thanks for the support - don't know many dog lovers in rl and I feel daft for being so attached!!

Dragongirl10 Sat 31-Dec-16 17:10:29

You are not are his only hope poor boy......l hope you find somewhere soon...

Bubble2bubble Sat 31-Dec-16 17:56:24

He sounds very traumatised, poor boy, but he can recover. I have fostered several dogs with probably a similar level of fear, the type that meant I couldn't as much as scratch my head without them running to hide. The good news is that they are now all happily rehomed and thriving.
He needs a calm quiet home, preferably with another steady dog to teach him everything is OK. It just takes time. It's heartbreaking though, and well done to you for taking him on.

AnUtterIdiot Sat 31-Dec-16 21:37:59

Hi - it doesn't sound easy and you've been very kind to this poor boy. Who are the dog rescue workers you mentioned? Are they from a charity that could rehome him? If they are I would push them to find someone who can foster him, maybe where he's the only dog or where there's one older calm dog.

Whilst I understand why you don't want him to get cosy and then rehome him, I do wonder if being in a house with three other dogs that he's kept separate from is also making him a bit more anxious than he usually would be - my dog's very calm but if there was another dog in a separate room he would find it hard to settle. Lots of people do foster with their own dogs and it tends to help the fostered dog settle down and prepare them to be rehomed in their own place. Obviously if you're concerned about difficulties between the dogs then I understand why you would keep them separate, but if that's the case and you've got dog charities on board I would be giving them a deadline to get him either rehomed or fostered.

Good luck, OP, it doesn't sound easy flowers

dudsville Sun 01-Jan-17 12:09:37

How heartbreaking, and it's so wonderful that you are giving him the place to heal. One of ours didn't have the depth of response yours shows but whenever we passed something over her head in the beginning she would shrink away in fright. She stopped doing this after a short while. I put this down to living in house that is very calm, we never argue or make much noise, and only ever being spoken to in kind and clear ways with lots of cuddles. Can this dog be fostered with someone with a quieter home environment?

Chunder Sun 01-Jan-17 12:39:59

Poor dog sad It's not too late for him. I think in the right home he will blossom. They never really forget previous trauma but it does stop affecting them so deeply and they become happy, adjusted, normal dogs.

In July I adopted a dog that sounds just like yours. He was terrified of most people, any surprise physical contact had him shaking and even yelping and screeching. Raised voices or sudden hand movements would make him cower or run and hide.

It was slow going and took a lot of patience and care but now he is fantastic. I think being with my other dog really helped him, he definitely copied my other dog's behaviour a lot. He's happy to be touched all over and no longer screams if you accidentally step on his paw (he is my shadow so it happens occasionally unfortunately) and a pat on the bum to move him doesn't make him cry and wee himself. I think he feels very secure and loved now. We still occasionally have issues with resource guarding and separation anxiety and he has never played with a toy but we'll get there.

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