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Dog aged 8 has decided he no longer wishes to sleep at night!

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crashdoll Wed 28-Dec-16 23:15:44

Please help, we're going mad. Dog has been with us since he was a pup. He's always been an excellent boy and slept in the kitchen. Over the last couple of weeks, he's changed and I don't know why. Nothing in his life has changed; same environment, same bed, same food and same people.

He barks every night until he is sick, so attempting the doggy method of "cry it out" isn't fair on him. He's very persistent. We bring him upstairs but he won't settle properly in our room either. This is unlike him because occasionally, I bring him up during the day when I'm resting on the bed and he bloody loves snoozing in my pile of cushions. He's not barking upstairs but he's very much awake and restless. He's not in any visible pain and sleeps well during the day. He is eventually sleeping in our room but it takes him ages. We come up around 10.30 pm and he's been awake until 2 am, whereas usually, he's zonked on the sofa by 8 pm.

Any ideas? I will pop him to the vet but our usual vet is away until next week and the other one isn't as good or as experienced as she is. We're getting grouchy because we both don't cope well with lack of sleep. This is like having a baby again.

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