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Neutering advice

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BiteyShark Tue 27-Dec-16 10:46:58

I am going to have our dog neutered when he is 6 months old and been looking on line for advice on aftercare. I think our vets do a soft collar or medical suit type thing but does anyone know how long they have to wear it to avoid them getting at the stitches?

AlcoChocs Tue 27-Dec-16 16:31:32

Best ask at your vets, receptionist may have an advice leaflet.
Was surprised when I went to collect my dog after neutering, vet said no need for a collar as there were no stitches and none of the dogs he'd done had problems. The wound had been glued and you could hardly see anything. Dog had been given a pain killing injection after the op and was fine, apart from being a bit wobbly from the anaesthetic for 24 hrs.

BiteyShark Tue 27-Dec-16 16:51:06

Yes think I will have to ask when I am next at vets as seen various answers online so was wondering whether I needed to time it when I didn't need to leave him for any length of time as can't imagine him taking to a collar or vest.

AlcoChocs Tue 27-Dec-16 17:03:31

I think you need to stay at home with dog for 24 hrs after op, they can be a bit weird and wobbly until the anaesthetic wears off completely. Also you need to be around in case there's any bleeding from wound and to keep an eye on drinking and peeing.

applesareredandgreen Wed 28-Dec-16 23:32:33

Our vet has told us that our dog should wear his cone when unsupervised for 14 days and that we should reduce his exercise to 2 x 20 min on lead walks and be careful of him jumping eg on furniture and for the first day we shouldn't let him run up and down stairs. I will admit we haven't quite kept to the exercise restrictions.

Veterinari Wed 28-Dec-16 23:41:47

Assuming your dog has adequate analgesia, collars/cones are often unneeded. Wound interference is often a sign of pain

BiteyShark Thu 29-Dec-16 06:23:01

I chatted to the vets and apparently a collar or medical vest will have to be worn for around 2 weeks sad that will be an issue so looks like I might have to delay the neutering beyond 6 months to when it is a more suitable time for me to be around incase he takes a complete dislike to the collar or if we use the suit to open it for him to pee out of.

Whitney168 Thu 29-Dec-16 08:59:29

You may or may not wish to pay any attention to it, but please do have a read of this before getting such a young baby neutered:

No idea what breed your puppy is, but size, coat type and temperament are also huge considerations as to whether to neuter at all, let alone so early. I have no idea why this has become an automatic operation on poor babies these days - is there really a need for an operation that people THINK will take the place of decent training and care to ensure no unwanted puppies? Dogs to not need to be neutered at the drop of a hat.

BiteyShark Thu 29-Dec-16 09:09:51

Thanks for the link, just had a quick read and have mixed views myself. I was going to have it done around 6 months automatically but maybe with it not being very convenient at that time I might hold off anyway and see how he develops. One of my concerns has been weight gain after neutering as I am conscious of trying to make sure he doesn't get overweight especially as my DH likes to give him cheese as a treat smile

llangennith Thu 29-Dec-16 09:21:16

Had my spaniel done and he came home wearing a huge plastic collar with instructions to keep it on him for two weeks. He showed no interest in his wound but very unhappy and uncomfortable with the collar. I took it off him the next day and he was fine. Didn't lick the wound at all

badgercat Thu 29-Dec-16 09:25:09

My pup was done around 14 months, he had great trouble with his stitches and kept smashing the cones (on my legs normally 🙄) I wasted money on an inflatable collar which was useless so we had to keep buying the plastic ones. I also had the pleasure of applying cream to his empty ball sack twice daily. Best. Job. EVER 😑

Ylvamoon Thu 29-Dec-16 10:24:48

Whitney168- great article! And so true. My dogs (4) are not muted, they live in harmony and I don't have unwanted puppies.
I did once "reject" a 12 week puppy from from a rescue centre, because I was only allowed to have it, after "the op". Got a mouth full about irresponsible dog ownership & placing more unwanted puppies into rescue centres!

AlcoChocs Thu 29-Dec-16 10:52:05

I had no intention of getting my lab neutered. Then when he was 3 he met a bitch in season and had a personality change, was shocked at how desperate he was to get to her, thank god he was on the lead at the time. He must have been a late developer because he'd met in season bitches before as we live in a very doggy area.
After days of him whining and being really miserable I booked him in for the op and within a few weeks he was back to normal.
He put on a lot of weight so I cut his food down by about a third which sorted that out.

Whitney168 Thu 29-Dec-16 18:17:06

AlcoChocs, it sounds as if that time you just met a selfish owner walking their bitch at optimal time for mating and others have been later/earlier in their cycles. You might find if you met another bitch the same he'd be just as keen - many neutered males will still mate a bitch.

Cherrysoup Thu 29-Dec-16 19:10:07

Don't be persuaded that it has to be done. On balance, the studies are quite balanced. I find no need to have a dog neutered, despite what the vet may say! Please make sure it's you who has decided, not the vet and not popular misconceptions. For me, the health benefits of leaving them entire far outweigh those of having them neutered.

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