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Feel very bad that I inadvertently upset a 5 year old today

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JingleBellies Sun 25-Dec-16 19:07:09

Feel terrible and it's my own fault

Took Jingle dog out this morning for usual 2 hour run/walk/swim. When we got home, I washed and groomed her and put a lovely green and red ribbons round her collar in a big bow. After huge Christmas lunch, popped her in the garden while I started on the washing up.

15 mins later, receive a call, do I own a small red dog? Jingle dog had somehow managed to get out of back garden and gone to a house in the next lane who have 2 dogs.

When the owner opened their back door to let their 2 dogs in, Jingle dog waggled in as well. She rushed in 'talking' and waggling and generally looking amazingly cute, and the first person to see her was a small grandson who said 'I KNEW Santa would bring me a doggy!!!!!'

He was very upset when I turned up to collect her and apologise. The owners were very gracious, but I felt so bad for the little one.

My fault because the heavy wind last night had weakened the fence and that's how Jingle dog got out - I should have checked it!

IamWendy Sun 25-Dec-16 19:09:49

Aww, photo or it didn't happen.

lovelearning Sun 25-Dec-16 19:13:06

'I KNEW Santa would bring me a doggy!!!!!'


I should have checked it!

Glad that Jingle dog's ok.


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