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Christmas Visitor Dogs

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HarmoniesofJ Sat 24-Dec-16 21:01:30

I have had a baby recently and he was early so apologies if I come across rude. My mum who knows my dog (miniature dachshund, Hazel) can be dog-shy and isn't overly fond of other dogs so can be aggressive has chosen Christmas Eve to tell us that:
-She's acquired a new puppy
-She's bringing it and a neighbours dog round for Christmas because they can't be left alone!

I can't be fucking bothered with another bloody dog in the house!!
Hazel's annoying me as it is and I don't want the new baby around the neighbour's dog as it's a Staffy. RAHHH!

Anybody else had visiting dogs round?

CinderellaFant Sat 24-Dec-16 21:13:31

I would say no- this is my dogs house and you don't want him to feel threatened by other dogs in his own home!

orangeyellowgreen Sun 25-Dec-16 20:29:41

Say no very loudly.
Never trust a staffie you don't know around other dogs, much less near your baby. And the new pup is probably not housetrained. Your mum is insane to suggest bringing these dogs into your home, they're a serious threat to your own wee dog and the baby.

meoooooooowwww Sun 25-Dec-16 21:12:15

I'd tell her it's far too cold to leave her dogs outside and she needs to make other arrangements.

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